1 + 1 + 1

Ever had a plus one in your relationship? I think we probably all have, so

Black and white

“It don’t matter if it’s black or white?” Well, strictly speaking that’s not always true,

Want a puppy? Sure…

My friend told me this story. Friends of mine haven’t yet learned that they can’t


“In mythology, folklore and speculative fiction, shapeshifting is the ability of a being or creature

Things you’re allowed to destroy/throw

Anger issues… We all get them, and that’s ok. But it’s not really the act

The first one after the one before

Today’s story subject is even more fun than the last! We are going to discuss

How to be good at drugs

It’s always fun to talk about narcotics, although I must stress that LostItGirl does not

The perils of dating the poor

Since I’ve now come clean about my boyfriend who’s not my boyfriend because he’s poor

Listen to me

So many people have been not listening to me recently, and it’s making me mad

Why talk about feelings?

My least favourite things are feelings and emotions. What, pray tell, do these feelings and


Today we are going to discuss people whose only joy on this planet comes solely

Gram Slamming

I’ve been reading about this new thing called ‘Gram Slamming’. It sounded like fun before

Relationship Update

At the beginning of January I decided to ignore all of my (then) current rotation

The Panicship

A subject has been coming up a lot recently between my friends and I… The

12 great things about being friends with LostItGirl

People ask me all the time what it’s like to be friends with LostItGirl. I

#Blog – It’s time to lose the hashtags

The overuse of hashtagging is starting to make me feel sad. I go on Instagram

Think before you text

After yesterday’s story about Hat Man’s inglorious fck up and his girlfriend’s inability to hide

Hat Man strikes again

It was a few weeks into January and I was tucked up in bed sipping


January blues are just made worse by giving up everything fun, but it’s what we

Try not to be a prick

I was going to do a shit-tonne of blogs like most years about the joys

‘Twas indeed the season

As Christmas approached and left I felt like I could use it as a great

I’ve lost it

If, from reading the last two blogs about 50 (not cent) you didn’t see this

Send nudes

I’ve been talking to this new guy because all the others have bored me. Well,

How to do a morning like a princess

Recently I was reading about how an actual princess, a real one, not even a