Gram Slamming

I’ve been reading about this new thing called ‘Gram Slamming’. It sounded like fun before

Girl obsession 

The other morning I had to ask my friend Arianna if I was perhaps gay.


Rihanna and Drake were both out in Abu Dhabi for the F1 Grand Prix. This

DJ Khaled Snapchats bird having kid

As a continuation of yesterday’s Snapchat take, imagine the most important day of your life…

Britney killed me

I died this week. But then I came back to life so that I could


A selection of visuals from the VMAs for your enjoyment.   Good effort Marvellous stage

The engagement

Today’s blog is going to be the polar opposite of a normal LostItGirl post. Today

An open letter to the Wales football gang

Dear Wales football gang, As you will not know, I have very little knowledge on

Tay Tay

I’ve discussed before how I find Taylor Swift to be the perfect boiler. I’ve talked about

Johnny Drop

I like to talk about hot topics and people I’d love to fck. So Johnny

Now Beyoncé’s back we all badasses again

The Queen has returned with a really amazing album (disregarding the tracks toward the end

The Fakernet

LostItGirl considers the reality that fakery goes so much further on the internet than any

Let’s discuss Drake

It’s always fun to talk about Canada’s second biggest pop star (Celine Dion being the

Is LostItGirl dating IBF World Champion Anthony Joshua?

After a photo was posted in the early hours of this morning in the wake of London

Celebrity Kiss and Tell

On three separate occasions in the last month it has been brought to my attention

Spice up your life

I get invited to a number of things, and sometimes I say yes when I

Thumbs Up Kanye

Today was a day we were to find out that Kanye West likes a thumb in

Using Leonardo Dicaprio GIFS to articulate stuff

Yeah he’s a good actor and that, although in that latest one he didn’t even

Bowie in Pictures

People do love to eulogise don’t they? And it’s perfectly fine to do so. I

Let’s speak of Justin Bieber

Firstly, liking two songs does not a belieber make. But I thought I would give

Charlie Sheen

I think I’ve mentioned my love of Charlie Sheen before? I forget, I’ve done so

It’s all coming up Miley

Miley Cyrus is boss. Miley Cyrus doesn’t give a fck. Miley Cyrus lives her life.

Beyoncé. Vegan like, duh?

So today everyone was getting excited about Beyoncé divulging something about herself (to be fair