It’s Britney bitch

An ode to Britney Nobody says baby the way you say baby, Fancy dress I

Beyoncé – The Formation World Tour

Firstly for regular readers of LostItGirl this blog will contain zero sarcasm, zero comedic GIFs,


The other night I went to watch Rihanna play at a half empty Wembley Stadium.

Reviewed: Red Bull Culture Clash

It’s just been a whole load of gigs this week, with some afters of course.

A guide to the festivals

LostItGirl guides you through a selection of the UK’s festivals. Not all of them, as


Oh Beyoncé. You have been hurt. You have been hurt by somebody, that much is

Kanye brings the lolz

Kanye West and his self-indulgent bankrupt nonsense is life to me. I went to the

The queen is back

Beyoncé really must be considered the queen. I mean, she’s no Britney but then neither

Anti everything

I thought I would share my views on the new body of work by Rihanna

The Best 5 Songs of 2015

Music, yeah? It’s a game of opinions of course, but it’s my blog so my opinion

Ed Sheeran Premiere

So I went to the premiere of Ed Sheeran’s movie, Jumpers for Goal Posts. Errmmm

Taylor is me and I am Taylor – We are one

Somebody high up in music heard Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble’ before its release and said to

It’s all coming up Miley

Miley Cyrus is boss. Miley Cyrus doesn’t give a fck. Miley Cyrus lives her life.

I need to tell you about my love of Britney

Back in 2000 when she burst on to the scene, I immediately imprinted. Because let’s