Relationship Update

At the beginning of January I decided to ignore all of my (then) current rotation

12 great things about being friends with LostItGirl

People ask me all the time what it’s like to be friends with LostItGirl. I

Hat Man strikes again

It was a few weeks into January and I was tucked up in bed sipping


January blues are just made worse by giving up everything fun, but it’s what we

Try not to be a prick

I was going to do a shit-tonne of blogs like most years about the joys

‘Twas indeed the season

As Christmas approached and left I felt like I could use it as a great

I’ve lost it

If, from reading the last two blogs about 50 (not cent) you didn’t see this

Send nudes

I’ve been talking to this new guy because all the others have bored me. Well,

How to do a morning like a princess

Recently I was reading about how an actual princess, a real one, not even a

What I’ve been losing it over recently

Here’s a quick update what LostItGirl has been a lostit over recently… Stop this I

Say my name

Recently I’ve found myself getting angry with the guys in my rotation for not addressing

My notes are full

The other day I was having a tidy out of my notes in my black

Guys don’t like girls that are funny

Or do they? This is a long time conversation I’ve always had with my best

All the boys are girls

Although I knew Camden guy was likely to be a bit mad, I wasn’t fckin

Can we just be friends?

To be honest no, I’ve got too many friends already. My friends are full and

Can you date someone crazier than you? And should you?

Do you think it ever gets to the point in life that you realise everyone

Rotation Update

The rotation of boys I am currently faced with is so miraculously boring it’s bordering

Town Crier

Men who cry; it’s not so much extremely unattractive as it is totally boring… I’m

Shopping, boys, parties, whatever

Shopping This weekend I spent a lot of money gifting myself. I bought a brand

Is there really any point?

Today we are going to cover off whether there is really any point in seeing

The good, the bad, and the douche bag

Birthdays are a great opportunity for people you hate to come out of the woodwork

I’m not coming

A while back I was at this music event. I spent most of it in

You’re in love

No, I’m fckin not. Have you ever experienced a guy telling you any of the

Everything/one bores me – even when I’m drunk

Lately I’ve noticed something; everything is boring to me, even when I’m drunk. When I’m