Read all into it

Let’s read into everything, and then once we have, let’s read into it some more. Seems

The rise of the bromance

I’ve never been a fan of the word ‘bromance’, but it is what it is.


Also known as ‘ILLdirects’, sending a not-so-subtle fck you, a cry for help, or messages

Terrible advice

Quite recently, the LostItGirl team messaged to inform me that someone came on to the

How to keep a man, probably

Someone posted an article from a 1950’s book, giving tips on how to keep your

What does your profile picture say about you?

Today we will attempt to discover what your profile picture says about you, and what

Social Media Guy Help

A girl I know has met a guy. They met on a night out, swapped

Mum’s the word

I’m just back from a weekend with my mum, and although I love my mum,

The gatekeeper

My friend recently gave me some advice which came via a friend of her own

Will I ever get my shit together?

Sometimes I think about this question; although it lasts only around 2 to 6 seconds

How to text a boy

I wasn’t sure if I had covered off this subject before, so I got my

Guys are totally crazier than women – the proof

As LostItGirl, I’m always going to be super open about discussing how completely off the

He liked my picture – he loves me

I’m sure we all have many things in common, but one thing I definitely know

There goes the fear

Everyone can relate to the fear, and so that’s what the topic of today’s blog

Read a book

Instead of everyone reading into every little thing, would it not be best to read


I recently had one hot young LostItGirl ask me to guide her to some of

How to decide if they like you or not

I probably shouldn’t go here, but I’m damn well gonna… My friend and I are

Head relationships

Wtf is a head relationship? If this is a question you’re asking, then quite frankly,

Ask LostItGirl

I was just thinking it’s been super quiet recently (and by super quiet I mean

Transferring feelings

Recently I’ve found myself giving advice and opinion on the transfer of feelings. I have

The waiting game…

I find myself now in the waiting room. But I don’t have an appointment. I

No boys back

I said recently that we would discuss why he can’t come to yours/the benefits of

So breezy right now

I have this thing I do with my friend, it’s quite fun. When either of us are

The importance of being chic…

With the world being the way the world is now, it’s now become more important