Gram Slamming

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I’ve been reading about this new thing called ‘Gram Slamming’. It sounded like fun before I even knew what it meant, and then it sounded like even more fun once I did. What I want to do now is Gram Slam you and you and you and…

First of all, to be a Gram Slammer you need a partner – a partner who will cheat.

Then you have to catch the partner cheating, which I am second hand livid about, by the way, if he/she’s done that to you. Those cheating fcks. So now, how to get them back?

Oh sure you can do the classics:

Key his car

Scratch or spray paint the word “Cunt” on his car

Cut up all his clothes

Shave his pet dog

Run over his pet dog

Fck his dad/mum/friend/whoever

Set his house on fire

Set him on fire

None of these are really to be recommended. Except for having intercourse with his family and friends.

But nowadays we are doing the Gram Slam.

What is Gram Slamming?

Gram Slamming is taking every piece of evidence you have relating to his cheating and blogging it all over the internet; but mainly on Instagram.

Some actress did a whole Insta-story about when she saw her boyfriend was getting notifications for a dating app. Imagine being so desperate that you turn on notifications for a dating app for serious… Idiot. 

Then there was the case of some DJ whose name I don’t really know. Well, his girlfriend had obtained actual CCTV footage of him making it with some quite rough looking girl. It was so amazing. And she posted it on her Instagram. How fun? Then the media picked it up, everyone said he was a dick, she dumped him and now he’s off still being all famous and rich, and everyone’s forgotten about it/her now. All she’s left with is some CCTV footage.

I suppose the moral to the story here is that you can go public and attempt to tarnish the cheater’s reputation on social media (often construed as a mild to severe breakdown), or you can deal with being cheated on in a more dignified way; whatever you decide to do, you’re still going to be sad at the end of it.   

But I remember Rob Kardashian’s epic social media meltdown over his cheating ex, and various others, and now I’ve realised it’s actually not cool at all to be a Gram Slammer. Airing your dirty laundry on social media really is quite unsatisfactory. 

Dignified silence for us LostItGirls. That or the list above. 



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