Guys don’t like girls that are funny

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Or do they? This is a long time conversation I’ve always had with my best friend who never ever reads these blogs, but who would go bat shit crazy if she knew I ever wrote about her. I try to write about her as often as I can.

She’s super funny, although I’m funnier. I know that she regularly steals a lot of my humorous material, but it’s fine since we both know I said it first.

Anyway, whenever we go out with guys or talk to guys we are so funny that it’s literally fckin stand up.

I mean, these fcks have just got into the comedy club for free, and yet for some unknown reason, my friend and I, we just can’t seem to hold down a guy. I don’t attribute it to the fact we are LostItGirls, since everyone is, and also it’s too obvious and probably true.

So instead, we continually just tell ourselves that the reason why all guys tend to go off us/never talk to us again, is that we’re so goddamn funny af, and they can’t handle it/feel threatened by it.

But is there some truth to this I wonder?

The other day I made an average joke to this guy on text. I mean, it warranted a “HA!” at best. Maybe even a ‘lol’ such was its insignificance, but he threw me 14 “ha’s” in a row. and a “that was quite funny tbf”.

It really wasn’t that good but bless him for enjoying it.

On numerous occasions I have been super funny (even if I do say so myself, which I do, but also market research in my circle suggests I have definitely been) but still these guys are treating me like shit. Is funny high up on their agenda? Is it a box that needs to be ticked? Say a guy is talking to another guy about a girl he’s just met, I guess it would go like this:

Guy 1: “Met a girl.”

Guy 2: “Fit?”

Guy 1: “Yeah”

Guy 2: “What does she do?”

Guy 1: “Who gives a fck?”

Guy 2: “Is she funny?”

Guy 1: **Left the conversation**

In all seriousness, for most, the need for a girl to be funny isn’t going to be anywhere near featuring on the first few pages of preferred requirements.

Advice for the guys

But there’s one thing we always say here at LostItGirl: Looks fade, personality is for life.

A lot of people settle for an asshole or an irreparable psycho because of the way they look. But when you’re both 60 and they are still chasing you around with a hammer you might realise you’d have been better taking the sweet, generous and, dare I say it, funny (?) one. Unlucky.

Go for the most normal one you can. This is something I never look for in a man.

To research this article I asked Camden if he thought a funny girl was important. He said: “Everyone’s different but I like it.”

Lying prick, obviously he doesn’t since he doesn’t fckin like me. Sorry I got a bit mad there.

So whether or not I’m too funny to have a boyfriend will remain unanswered, for now. But it got me thinking about some actions I could take that might help me be more of a catch. All of these are serious options right now:

Dumb down

Funny up

Learn the offside rule

Wear less

Wear more

Be a slut

Act like a virgin

Embrace real breasts

Get fake breasts

Never text

Always text

A lot of people say that you should just be yourself, but in most people’s cases that’s probably comparable to telling them to just empty the contents of their handbags on the table upon the first introduction.

Flick knife, check.

Knuckle duster, check.

5,000 tampons, check.

Loads of scribbled mad notes in poor handwriting, check.

Tissues, check.

Issues, check.

Look up and find guy has made a sharp exit, check.

Fck it, someone else also said that every pot finds a lid.

That sounds fun.



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