Is there really any point?

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Today we are going to cover off whether there is really any point in seeing someone when it has exactly zero chance of going anywhere.

A while back, I was bumbling along with the two-bob pop star, waiting for him to go back to the way he had previously been (note: I was not trying to change him, never try and change them, I was merely hoping he would go back to the alright guy he had previously been, but there was little hope or any signs of that happening).

Nobody else knew about it since I didn’t talk to anybody else. My brother is my only proper friend; you know that person you can tell everything to and they will only have your best interests at heart? Sometimes even your closest friends may have alternative motives. Family, you can trust. He saw what was going on and in one sentence put a stop to it. This was the sentence.

“Is there really any point carrying on with it when it has precisely no chance of ever going anywhere?”

He was right

And he was right. Why bumble along in a ‘relationship’ that resembles a pile of horse shit? As we have discussed before, if some form of commitment hasn’t been made from the very start, well it never is going to happen. You can drag it out for years, but a guy is scientifically proven to know exactly what he wants/thinks in the first three minutes of meeting you.

All you’re doing is wasting some really good outfits on a guy who’s just not that into it. I personally don’t want to get into a relationship right now; love just isn’t in my plans, but it would be nice if at least one of the guys didn’t manage to anger me after five minutes and was capable of making just the tiniest bit of effort. Then, perhaps further down the line it could turn into something. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Here I have included some tell-tale signs that there is little to no point of continuing, since it’s really not going anywhere.

Phone-based clues

He doesn’t check in, either in the morning or once throughout the day.

His screensaver is another girl.

He never calls.

He owns a Blackberry.

He always contacts you via social media.

He has a social media account. God isn’t anyone without it the hottest ever?

He watches everything you do but never messages.

Real life in person clues

He only ever does indoors stuff with you.

He wet your bed.

He only ever meets you at the end of the night.

He turned up at the wrong house.

He never ever sleeps over.

He does sleep over, but brings pyjamas.

He spends more time on his phone than talking to you.

He only ever enjoys talking about himself.

Information clues

He doesn’t know your last name.

He calls you the wrong name.

He’s never asked you what you think of Celine Dion, or Britney and Justin’s break up.

He constantly forgets you’re vegetarian.

He didn’t realise you have parents and friends.

He has no idea if you have a birthday.

He thinks God is a real guy and will often tell you this.

He watches Gossip Girl.

Outsider clues

Your dog hates him.

Your friends hate him.

One of your friends has fcked him.

He has a kid.

Your mum can’t pronounce his name.

Your blog readers hate him.

Style clues

He owns a CD player.

He owns leather trousers.

He has a shortage of hair.

He borrowed someone’s car.

You’ve never seen him in a suit, not even when you’ve stalked his social media.

He comes round in a tracksuit (non-chic one).

He doesn’t get that Celine Dion slays.

He has bad pants.

He owns an empty wallet.

He thinks Britney Spears is Cockney rhyming slang for beers.

He has framed photos.

He has quinoa in the cupboard.

If far too much in those lists seems familiar, it’s time to cut them loose. Which, is a shame, a shame for my current rotation; since they all scored pretty high in that.



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