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If, from reading the last two blogs about 50 (not cent) you didn’t see this coming, well then this blog isn’t for you. I fckin went and totally lost it. I lost it hard, but it’s my fckin name so I should always be the biggest ‘lostit’ at the party.

So I found out 50 (not cent) had a gf and boy did I slide back out of the dm’s hard. But two things began to annoy me, the first was this:

When we became friends on a popular social media website known as Instagram, I saw he didn’t partake in making Insta stories. I asked him one day, “Hey, why don’t you do stories?” and he replied “I do on Snap,” to which I replied: “Oh I don’t use Snapchat.”

After this he began to do stories. It was always just one really boring lame picture, usually of his car stereo or dinner somewhere braggy, and I would reply and tell him it was shit, and that’s how we became friends.

When he eventually got my number he immediately added me on Snapchat which was annoying since I told him I don’t use it and now I’m using it because I’m a psycho and honestly, Insta stories, Snapchat stories, Twitter and blogs are really starting to drain me.

The other thing that happened is, despite not talking at all since his gf revelation, he would still watch anything I posted, sometimes before I’d even hit send. Honestly, he was at the damn top of the list (we all know the person at the top of your Insta story is your biggest stalker; Google it) and the same now on Snapchat.

It was beginning to drive me fckin mad. I was telling my friend and she agreed it was stupid. We have this concept that the silent watchers really are the bottom of society. Watch by all means, that’s fine, but if we don’t regularly converse, why are you watching? Why do you care about my sad little life on social media when you could just text me and hang out?

I hate this modern habit. People just watching. Everyone’s watching, with no action.

And after a week of this I’m afraid I lost all calm. And so I called him out.

The exchange went a bit like this:

LIG: “Oh, bored on a Sunday are you? Watching all my stuff.”

Guy: “Ha yeah.”

LIG: “Watching but not messaging. Weird.”

Guy: “Well you do a thousand Insta and Snapchat stories, it’s rude not to watch. When social media is life 😩

Now this is where I lost it. I just went on my social media rant. I said the following:

And he replied: “Ok chill. On that note, speak soon.”

I suppose without knowing me you could read it as being over aggressive, but this had been how some of our exchanges went. We’d been bonding over our mutual hatred of things. But yeah I did lose it, he was just annoying me. I would never watch someone’s stuff? Why is he watching mine? Go away.

I sent some panic text saying sorry and how I was only joking because I was drunk. And that was it. The end.

The next day I was over it and he stopped watching all my stuff. Good.

But then I decided that I wasn’t over it and sent him a video which was supposedly a joke. He didn’t respond, but he did unfollow me.

However, this hasn’t solved the problem, since although he no longer watches my stuff on Instagram, he’s my top viewer on Snapchat. Go figure.

He must feel silly because after all, I can safely say the only people I’ve angry-unfollowed on social media are people I’ve been fully up in my feelings about. Hopefully some day he will be able to admit that.

Isn’t it all fun? I am letting him watch them and it isn’t bothering me anymore since he showed me a LOT about him. His actions now prove I was correct in my social media rant, it really is the route of all evil. I mean look at Trump.


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