Read a book

Instead of everyone reading into every little thing, would it not be best to read

When things get out of hand

Things have escalated pretty quickly since yesterday. Sometimes some serious shit can go down in

Text me

Some of the texts I’m receiving at the moment are interesting. Kinda. I thought it


Can you juggle? I can’t. My co-ord game is only strong when it comes to

The wedding

Apparently, it’s the season for love and that. And so, with that in mind, I


I recently had one hot young LostItGirl ask me to guide her to some of

How to decide if they like you or not

I probably shouldn’t go here, but I’m damn well gonna… My friend and I are

Hit and run

My time in Dubai had just been annoying as fck. Because everyone else is an

Chic week continues to go wrong

It seemed like I was just about ready to participate in a whirlwind consumption of

Chic week day II

Today I awoke wondering if I should just leave. I haven’t had any zen moments,

A week of chic…

A week of chic… Or at least that’s what it so nearly could’ve been. After


You’d think by now I would be capable of having a civilised night out; one

The problem with being LostItGirl

While my general behaviour often gives my friends an entertaining and quite fun glimpse into

The art of not giving a fck

After I met with someone from my past and he revealed that he had always

A 24-hour lunatic

Just how bonkers can one person be in 24 hours? The answer, when referring to

Head relationships

Wtf is a head relationship? If this is a question you’re asking, then quite frankly,

Ask LostItGirl

I was just thinking it’s been super quiet recently (and by super quiet I mean

Who says romance is dead?

I do. I really believe it must be. I mean, I’ve not seen or witnessed

Nobody really uses Photoshop

Nobody really uses Photoshop? How can I say that? Because, as most people know, you

Closure is bullshit

The other day I was sat being faux-bothered about the footballer because I like the

More life…

I chose my friend before the model from out of Bumble. Chicks before dicks is

Bumbling idiot

To help with my non-heartbreak heartbreak, I totally downloaded an app called Bumble. It’s for

Nobody takes me srsly

Nobody takes me srsly when I say I’m totally heartbroken. Since the footballer’s departure, I

Chat game strong/Belfie game stronger

The breaking news is this: the stupid assed footballer has upped and left and moved