The gatekeeper

My friend recently gave me some advice which came via a friend of her own

All the boys are girls

Although I knew Camden guy was likely to be a bit mad, I wasn’t fckin

Can we just be friends?

To be honest no, I’ve got too many friends already. My friends are full and

Can you date someone crazier than you? And should you?

Do you think it ever gets to the point in life that you realise everyone

Rotation Update

The rotation of boys I am currently faced with is so miraculously boring it’s bordering

Will I ever get my shit together?

Sometimes I think about this question; although it lasts only around 2 to 6 seconds

How to text a boy

I wasn’t sure if I had covered off this subject before, so I got my

Town Crier

Men who cry; it’s not so much extremely unattractive as it is totally boring… I’m

Shopping, boys, parties, whatever

Shopping This weekend I spent a lot of money gifting myself. I bought a brand

Is there really any point?

Today we are going to cover off whether there is really any point in seeing

The good, the bad, and the douche bag

Birthdays are a great opportunity for people you hate to come out of the woodwork

I’m not coming

A while back I was at this music event. I spent most of it in

You’re in love

No, I’m fckin not. Have you ever experienced a guy telling you any of the

Guys are totally crazier than women – the proof

As LostItGirl, I’m always going to be super open about discussing how completely off the

Everything/one bores me – even when I’m drunk

Lately I’ve noticed something; everything is boring to me, even when I’m drunk. When I’m

Slight return

I did have some great stories about two guys that have imprinted on me recently

He liked my picture – he loves me

I’m sure we all have many things in common, but one thing I definitely know

There goes the fear

Everyone can relate to the fear, and so that’s what the topic of today’s blog

We’ve got a problem

Two very serious occurrences have recently happened, both of which have raised my anxiety level

But I am crazy

Currently I’m in a predicament. I have two guys who I currently like, and I’m

Read a book

Instead of everyone reading into every little thing, would it not be best to read

When things get out of hand

Things have escalated pretty quickly since yesterday. Sometimes some serious shit can go down in

Text me

Some of the texts I’m receiving at the moment are interesting. Kinda. I thought it


Can you juggle? I can’t. My co-ord game is only strong when it comes to