Ivy Park by Queen B

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I thought I would review Queen B’s fashion line because I got sent a couple of bits, which is weird, because when it comes to LostItGirl I didn’t think leisurewear would be the first thought, but whatever.

So anyway the pieces I was sent I’m so excited about, I can’t wait to be hungover in bed silent screaming about a guy not texting me back whilst stress eating. Literally it’s THE perfect outfit for that.

The thing is, ok so fashion wise leisurewear/sports chic is having a tiny moment. I even did it about four months ago, then again literally two weeks ago. See?


And I’ve been known to love an NY hat at times.


That’s as far as I’ve taken it, because it’s not really got any longevity, has sports chic. Firstly it’s associated with sloths you see in the big Asda, secondly it’s lazy, thirdly it’s gross, fourthly leather and denim are too special, fifthly fashion and trends change quicker than I do around a hot guy, sixthly… Eugh whatever I can’t go on I’m tired.

Her Title is Queen

Beyoncé can release anything she wants as her title is the queen, and this gives you the right of law to release any old shit and also behead people you hate and stuff like that.

And what’s crazy is people will spend their hard earned cash on it regardless of whether they like it or not. Some people may never have entered a gym but they’ll buy it anyway. Some people wouldn’t know how to style sports chic for daytime or evening wear but they’ll buy it anyway. Some people might be too fat for it but they’ll buy it anyway. Some might not be able to afford it and they’ll get behind on their bills and eventually their boyfriend will dump them and they’ll have to move back home, they’ll get depressed, the debt will mount, they’ll lose their job and then get super fat, but they’ll buy it anyway. And if Queen B is fine with an outcome like that, well then quite frankly so am I.


Topshop’s website wet itself and broke so nobody could buy it, but it was also being sold on my spirit animal website, Net-a-Porter. That didn’t break. Rich chic people that don’t give a fck about Beyoncé leisurewear, people that shop on Net-a-Porter, are Beyoncé/me/millionaires.

Queen B could open up a pub and sell a plate of tissue paper as a Sunday roast and even food critics would say it’s the best meal they’ve ever had (although I can vouch that tissue paper is super filling), she can release whatever she wants. Because she’s not human, she’s B.

Anyway it’s fun. Thanks to the person that sent me the stuff! I’ll be crying in it in a matter of weeks no doubt, so that’s fun. I’ll totally selfie it when it happens if I don’t spill red wine down the blush pink too.


Thanks, and XOXO


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