Big deal

Damn, I’ve got me so bored of being surrounded by big deals. I’m subjected on

What would Blac Chyna do?

On a scale of 1 to crazy, I would place myself at around a three,

The seven stages of a breakup

You’ll see many things online about the seven stages of a breakup. But those are for

Avoiding Problems

Alright? Today I am just going to rant about a problem I have. I really

Silence Speaks…

I am an advocate of not wasting people’s time. I think in this life (which isn’t


Hello, LostItGirl here. We all know I love to offer my advice, or wisdom if

LostItGirl Diet

I was thinking that because most people have got fat and gross over Christmas, it’s

Stop looking at me

Ok, so – a confession. I totally don’t want to commit to a fringe, but

The gift of giving (stuff people don’t want)

I received precisely zero gifts this year. Ok, actually my friend Manny bought me some chocolates

Revealed: Social Media Lies

Filthy social liars are everywhere, and I see you, I see you all lying like

27 Works Christmas Party do’s and do nots

Things to do and not do at a works Christmas party: 1. Do dress slutty.

D bag

How on Earth did I forget to give you an update on my enlisted boyfriend

Needy week

Totally being really needy at the moment, I feel sorry for all the friends that

Fck it

Sometimes, saying fck it is just the best thing to do. Contrary to popular belief,

In with the old…

It’s the time of year for the return of the assholes. This is a fcked

12 ways to fck up a relationship

If I like someone I immediately want out. I just can not be in relationships,


So quite a few people have now asked me a question here: ASK ME and

When is it okay to text a guy first?

Shall we do this? Ok, let’s… The answer actually is never. Never, never, never. I

House Rules

You know what I thought would be fun? A good old blog about house shares.

21 Solid Gold Excuses for Cheating

I recently got caught cheating. It was cheating on a guy who lives in America.


Let’s discuss game playing. If, like me, you can’t relate to the never ending games

Travelling tales

I went down to the south coast recently. It’s in Hampshire, which is where I’m