Let’s discuss Drake

It’s always fun to talk about Canada’s second biggest pop star (Celine Dion being the

Celebrity Kiss and Tell

On three separate occasions in the last month it has been brought to my attention

The queen is back

Beyoncé really must be considered the queen. I mean, she’s no Britney but then neither

Let’s speak of Justin Bieber

Firstly, liking two songs does not a belieber make. But I thought I would give

Charlie Sheen

I think I’ve mentioned my love of Charlie Sheen before? I forget, I’ve done so

It’s all coming up Miley

Miley Cyrus is boss. Miley Cyrus doesn’t give a fck. Miley Cyrus lives her life.

Beyoncé. Vegan like, duh?

So today everyone was getting excited about Beyoncé divulging something about herself (to be fair