Is there really any point?

Today we are going to cover off whether there is really any point in seeing

Don’t read this blog 

Not you, you can read it because you’re cool and obviously you understand humor so you’re

Do opposites attract?

They can’t, because if that were true then why do I constantly find myself dating

When should you bone?

It’s the question everyone asks themselves when they meet someone they think is alright. You

Serial Dater

I was, as eluded to previously (Read D8 here), open to dating – albeit somewhat

Open to Dating

I suppose I’m open to dating. It’s not ideal as I am a fully grown

Talking in the street

So today I was running late and rushed out of the door, chucked my headphones


So quite a few people have now asked me a question here: ASK ME and


Hey, totally out of character for me, but I went on a date. An actual