Hit and run

My time in Dubai had just been annoying as fck. Because everyone else is an

A week of chic…

A week of chic… Or at least that’s what it so nearly could’ve been. After


You’d think by now I would be capable of having a civilised night out; one

Dubai Brunch and Boys 

LostItGirl continues with her story of Dubai. It’s quite mad. She fell in love with

Dubai shit shows

LostItGirl takes time to consider the considerable selection of beings in Dubai (holidaymakers and residents)

The best beaches in Dubai – Reviewed by LIG

If you ever go to Dubai on holiday, there’s every chance you will be interested


I spent a week being the equivalent to Britney Spears’ and Charlie Sheen’s one-night stand


I don’t own a lot of Armani. I have a watch that someone gifted me,

How to prepare for a holiday

I totally forgot until yesterday that I’m having a week away in Dubai next week.

A LostItGirl’s Christmas

First thing’s first, a true LostItGirl must pack up one’s favourite belongings and swiftly have

Dubai Looks

Here I am with a nod to the 80’s. After this picture was taken I

The Wonders of Dubai – Part III

Today my Dubai musings will be about the phrase “OTT”. Everything really is “Over The

The Wonders of Dubai – Part II

To follow on from my problems with communication in Dubai, today I will discuss the

The Wonders of Dubai – Part I

I will never understand Dubai – I will never understand this world either, but then