LostItGirl looks of the week

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LostItGirl Looks of the Week

I was really feeling a beret. So I wore a beret. This is a suede

LostItGirl looks from the week

Snakeskin boots, Beatles tee and these trousers I like to call chinos. Just because it’s

LostItGirl looks from the last week 

This was a great look. This colour really worked for me. Leather shoulder patches. Well

Stop looking at me

Ok, so – a confession. I totally don’t want to commit to a fringe, but

A LostItGirl in London

Ever wondered who LostItGirl is? Is it just one person, or are we a team

A LostItGirl’s Christmas

First thing’s first, a true LostItGirl must pack up one’s favourite belongings and swiftly have

This week…

Some LostItGirl looks from this week: (Note, not a single Christmas jumper in sight! (Yet))

Dubai Looks

Here I am with a nod to the 80’s. After this picture was taken I

Pink and black

It don’t get better than that… Plus, I dropped all the materials… Leather, cotton, angora, faux

Space Babe

Silver ash boots and my purple mohair cardigan jacket. Oh, and I wanted to give

Black and yellow

Like a fluffy angora bumblebee. I malted all over many people because I had rather a

Similar separates

Today I was feeling super-grey. I think it was because that happens to be the

Winter knit

I think I could join Take That in this bit of knitwear, or any boy


It’s like monochrome, except not, because it’s white and black and grey. So basically I

Leisure wear

Ha, just kidding. Of course I wasn’t wearing leisure wear. Just sporting a baseball cap. When doing

Bootsass bitch

Alexander McQueen boots yo… It’s totally boot weather now. Knee-high, calf, over-the-knee; all of the

Over the knee and far away

Perfect autumnal/winter outfit. Wool dress – high neck, long sleeves – with over-the-knee boots, in

Faux real??

As I went all PETA on you about not wasting vintage fur the other day (I

Sheer shit

I totally love this skirt. It’s a pencil skirt… Well actually it’s a miniskirt, but

Having a major hat moment

Ok I’m not, the brutal truth of it is that my hair is just not

You wanna be in my gang?

Well – you can’t. My gang is so cool and super elite, that even I’m

Hat Trick

I love a hat. I am quite good at hats. Some people are good at


We were supposed to be getting an extra hour of sleep because the clocks went