Shopping, boys, parties, whatever

Shopping This weekend I spent a lot of money gifting myself. I bought a brand


You’d think by now I would be capable of having a civilised night out; one

Man me

When I meet male versions of myself it’s always so fun. I’ve known this guy

Big deal

Damn, I’ve got me so bored of being surrounded by big deals. I’m subjected on

Might as well

My current sentence boyfriend is ‘might as well…’ I’ve been using it a lot recently.

Britney killed me

I died this week. But then I came back to life so that I could

Kylie Jenner’s lips on LostItGirl

Do you know who my favourite from out of the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan is? (No,

How I became a Dubai shit show PT I

LostItGirl explains how to ravage your life in the same manner as so many visitors

Uber Pool

Here’s an Uber code. Now use it to get the FCK out of my face.

Serial Dater

I was, as eluded to previously (Read D8 here), open to dating – albeit somewhat


Last weekend, what I did was put on my clubbing clothes and go clubbing. Obviously if

How to prepare for a holiday

I totally forgot until yesterday that I’m having a week away in Dubai next week.

LostItGirl looks of the week

Don’t forget to follow LostItGirl on Instagram for daily outfit pics. Of moi of course.

The Good Party

I recently went to the cooooolest party that you’ve never been to. First off the

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

So here’s a Valentine’s Day gift guide I made for you. The reason I made

LostItGirl Looks of the Week

I was really feeling a beret. So I wore a beret. This is a suede

Barbie Got Fat

It’s political correctness gone mad, and what’s more, it’s my worst fckin nightmare come true.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Despite the existence of this title in book and cinematography format, it’s amazing how many

LostItGirl looks from the week

Snakeskin boots, Beatles tee and these trousers I like to call chinos. Just because it’s

Using Leonardo Dicaprio GIFS to articulate stuff

Yeah he’s a good actor and that, although in that latest one he didn’t even

Talking in the street

So today I was running late and rushed out of the door, chucked my headphones

Mixed up

Did you have a nice weekend? I did. On Friday I DJ’d at a super braggy

Hangover from hell

I just had the worst hangover this week, although as far as hangovers go, it

Silence Speaks…

I am an advocate of not wasting people’s time. I think in this life (which isn’t