A guide to the festivals

LostItGirl guides you through a selection of the UK’s festivals. Not all of them, as

Let’s discuss Drake

It’s always fun to talk about Canada’s second biggest pop star (Celine Dion being the

The Good Party

I recently went to the cooooolest party that you’ve never been to. First off the

The queen is back

Beyoncé really must be considered the queen. I mean, she’s no Britney but then neither

Anti everything

I thought I would share my views on the new body of work by Rihanna

Mixed up

Did you have a nice weekend? I did. On Friday I DJ’d at a super braggy

Hangover from hell

I just had the worst hangover this week, although as far as hangovers go, it

Let’s speak of Justin Bieber

Firstly, liking two songs does not a belieber make. But I thought I would give

The Best 5 Songs of 2015

Music, yeah? It’s a game of opinions of course, but it’s my blog so my opinion

It’s all coming up Miley

Miley Cyrus is boss. Miley Cyrus doesn’t give a fck. Miley Cyrus lives her life.

Beyoncé. Vegan like, duh?

So today everyone was getting excited about Beyoncé divulging something about herself (to be fair

I need to tell you about my love of Britney

Back in 2000 when she burst on to the scene, I immediately imprinted. Because let’s