Big deal

Damn, I’ve got me so bored of being surrounded by big deals. I’m subjected on

What would Blac Chyna do?

On a scale of 1 to crazy, I would place myself at around a three,

Ask Me

We’ve been getting a whole bunch of questions flooding into the Ask Me page recently,

Silence Speaks…

I am an advocate of not wasting people’s time. I think in this life (which isn’t


Hello, LostItGirl here. We all know I love to offer my advice, or wisdom if

Fck it

Sometimes, saying fck it is just the best thing to do. Contrary to popular belief,

In with the old…

It’s the time of year for the return of the assholes. This is a fcked

12 ways to fck up a relationship

If I like someone I immediately want out. I just can not be in relationships,

House Rules

You know what I thought would be fun? A good old blog about house shares.


Let’s discuss game playing. If, like me, you can’t relate to the never ending games