DJ Khaled Snapchats bird having kid

As a continuation of yesterday’s Snapchat take, imagine the most important day of your life…

The problems with knowing a serial Snapchatter

It’s 2016, and I find myself with my phone in my hand at all times

Why you shouldn’t go on social media after 11pm

By after 11pm, I actually mean pissed out of your face. Today, we’re learning a

It all goes down in the old DM’s

Omdz, my DM’s are having a really very good September. Like, srsly they are poppin’.

Highlights of the week

Today I think it’s important we discuss some of my highlights from the past week.

I quit Snap

I feel like I need to either quit Snap, or go to Snap skool. I

Social Rules

I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated a whole page to a rant about socials, but


So I gave in and got a Snapchat in 2016, despite the fact that most