Ivy Park by Queen B

I thought I would review Queen B’s fashion line because I got sent a couple

LostItGirl looks of the week

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LostItGirl Looks of the Week

I was really feeling a beret. So I wore a beret. This is a suede

LostItGirl looks from the week

Snakeskin boots, Beatles tee and these trousers I like to call chinos. Just because it’s

LostItGirl looks from the last week 

This was a great look. This colour really worked for me. Leather shoulder patches. Well

Bowie in Pictures

People do love to eulogise don’t they? And it’s perfectly fine to do so. I

Some of my last outfits for 2015

Chunky knit, PVC mini skirt. Slut meets bore = what a silly slore. Massive fish

A LostItGirl’s Christmas

First thing’s first, a true LostItGirl must pack up one’s favourite belongings and swiftly have

This week…

Some LostItGirl looks from this week: (Note, not a single Christmas jumper in sight! (Yet))

‘Tis the season to…

Tell everyone you hate them. Now, I will at some point go into the lameness

Dubai Looks

Here I am with a nod to the 80’s. After this picture was taken I

Pink and black

It don’t get better than that… Plus, I dropped all the materials… Leather, cotton, angora, faux

Space Babe

Silver ash boots and my purple mohair cardigan jacket. Oh, and I wanted to give

Black and yellow

Like a fluffy angora bumblebee. I malted all over many people because I had rather a

Similar separates

Today I was feeling super-grey. I think it was because that happens to be the


It’s like monochrome, except not, because it’s white and black and grey. So basically I

Leisure wear

Ha, just kidding. Of course I wasn’t wearing leisure wear. Just sporting a baseball cap. When doing

Victoria’s Secret

What’s the secret Vicky? Seems like you’re pretty much putting everything out there actually. I

Bootsass bitch

Alexander McQueen boots yo… It’s totally boot weather now. Knee-high, calf, over-the-knee; all of the

Big braggy shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti

I like these shoes. I was never a fan of a wedge sneaker until Giuseppe Zanotti

Over the knee and far away

Perfect autumnal/winter outfit. Wool dress – high neck, long sleeves – with over-the-knee boots, in

The importance of a lint roll 

I wanted to introduce you today to one of my best friends. The lint roll. 

Faux real??

As I went all PETA on you about not wasting vintage fur the other day (I

Fur Real?

As we have settled into November and winter is full steam ahead, it’s time to