Bad Openers

Recently, and I don’t know why, I’ve been going through this phase where I’ve not

He’s Just Not That Into You

Despite the existence of this title in book and cinematography format, it’s amazing how many

Avoiding Problems

Alright? Today I am just going to rant about a problem I have. I really

Counting to five

Some great stories for you from the last week. And they are all examples of

Big Mouth Strikes Again

I do love to talk. I can happily talk away at people indefinitely, with little chance of

D bag

How on Earth did I forget to give you an update on my enlisted boyfriend

When is it okay to text a guy first?

Shall we do this? Ok, let’s… The answer actually is never. Never, never, never. I


I thought I’d let you into the morning of a lostitgirl. I just thought it