The rise of the bromance

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I’ve never been a fan of the word ‘bromance’, but it is what it is.

Recently I was reading this article about the threat to heterosexual relationships due to the rise of the ‘bromance’. In essence, a study has shown that all women will be single for ever and ever because all men prefer the company of other men.

I found this to be troubling. Already we are polar opposites, we just don’t get each other at all; guys have easy access to sexual relations and they are willing to take this access pretty much whenever possible, and now we have to compete with other men too.

So the article suggests:

“The rise of the ‘bromance’ could threaten heterosexual relationships, academics have warned, after discovering that many men find their close male friendships more emotionally satisfying than relationships with women.”

No shit? What academic study was this? It’s not so hard to figure this one out. I don’t want to play X Box or PlayStation, and these two machines are the things that tend to bring out the most emotion in men, and they always play these boxes with their friends. They probably also get some degree of sexual satisfaction out of these games machines too, but that’s for another day.

It goes on to say:

“Bromances, coupled with the ease at which men can now engage in casual sex, are threatening long term relationships with women.”

Oh fck. Actually, what I meant is that I’m fine with that part since I hate relationships. But maybe when I’m 50 I’ll change my mind, so I guess I’ll just have to hope all the other girls have snagged the dudes so the one left over for me hasn’t got any single friends, is bored of one night stands and his PlayStation is broken, then our sad relationship can begin.

A quote from an anonymous guy read:

“We hug when we meet, and we sleep in the same bed when we have sleepovers.”

I mean that sounds gay to me but whatever. I asked my gay friends and they agreed. None of my heterosexual male friends have sleepovers with their friends since they pretty much all said they have their own perfectly good bed at home. I mean perhaps the anonymous guy is like 13 and still lives at home, I don’t know, but no male adult I know needs to have a sleepover with a friend (unless it’s a girl).

It then says:

“After surveying 30 undergraduates, they discovered that 28 would rather talk about emotional issues with their male friends rather than girlfriends. The majority also said it was easier to resolve conflicts with men, and admitted they kept secrets from partners which they shared with male friends.”

Ah ok, case closed; they are all uni guys. Of course, literally no guy under 30 gives a fck about a relationship. I mean, they will soon. but generally they just want to run around eating pot noodles, boning everyone, playing computer games, racking up as much debt as possible and living their lives. Actually, a lot continue this behaviour in to adulthood. Many others into eternity. But that’s not my concern.

Some doctor said that the results were ‘significant and worrying’ for women, before going on to tell us all that there is ‘an emerging culture of sexism and disdain in how the Millennial men view the opposite sex.’

Well no, that’s been going on for a long time Doc. Read the news.



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