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Anger issues… We all get them, and that’s ok. But it’s not really the act of becoming angry which is of concern, it’s the acts that come as a result of the anger which can cause problems. So today we will assess anger, and how it’s best to not let it fck your life up as a result of one moment of madness…   

I’ve been in many an eatery and wanted to launch some quinoa at a fellow diner or the waiter. But most of us are able to stop ourselves (maybe not most; some). Countless times I’m sure we’ve all wanted to throw drinks on men in bars, and we usually do (I’ve always done it… so fun), but that’s small time. Shit can get real, real quick, if you’re not careful.

The art of taking a moment to assess the act you’re considering (and it is an art), and figuring out whether the repercussions of said act are likely to cause you problems or leave you with the opposite of what you want further down the line, is an important thing to try to nail down. But it’s easier said than done.

I always hear tales of anger in relationships. A couple I know recently went to sleep without talking, because they had a disagreement over some pots and pans. They don’t really fight often, but if you dirty an extra saucepan when the other person had a long day at work it will apparently cause a problem (they have a dishwasher so I’m unclear on the finer points of the situation). I was told something about a jacket potato and its contents, but I zoned out around that time. However, I found it hysterical that it came down to pots and pans.

In this scenario, what should have happened is that one of them should have launched whatever the contents of the potato was going to be, at the other one. Or the potato. But I feel like the proposed filling would have been more fun to throw. They didn’t though, and as a result they are still a couple. I will never say my advice is always great, but it’s certainly fun. Not throwing worked out for them.

Recently we’ve learnt The Weeknd was going to cut himself open, take out one of his kidneys and throw it at Selena Gomez. While I don’t know if that’s the complete truth, word is she needed a new one and he was massively obsessed with her so was considering giving one to her. He sung about it in a song, but he doesn’t like her anymore so I’ve imagined he threw a kidney at her and that’s why they split up. That or she left him for Justin Bieber, which is pretty tragic anyway, so best to go with my story.

So when it comes to throwing shit, I think these items are acceptable:


Heeled shoes



Small dogs

And things you should never throw:

Someone else’s phone (throw you’re own, don’t trash someone else’s stuff, because it’s vile)

Electrical goods (unless you’re a rock star and it’s going to end up in a pool)

Kitchen utensils (pretty dangerous and probably won’t end well)

People (depends on the situation, but if you can pick up a grown man and launch him then that’s a great party trick and you should totally use it).


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