Anti everything

I thought I would share my views on the new body of work by Rihanna – Anti.

For starters it was a bit of a shit show in the way it dropped. It was leaked, and then a free 24-hour stream was allowed, so it missed out on bowling straight into the number 1 album spot.


Although it will still achieve that accolade, it just won’t be immediate or have such an impact which getting there in under 0.2 seconds would. But really, pulling herself out of the number 1 album race within four seconds of release it isn’t really the be all and end all of things is it? Because as I always say (because Jay-z said it first) men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. And yeah let’s be honest all the other numbers apart from number 1 mean you’re shit/failed, but the stats on the streams are already enough. And who actually cares about the charts in 2016?

I put it on to listen in full, as you should with an album you’re excited to listen to, and I picked out my outfit accordingly. I wore my new bikini over the outside of my clothes. It just felt right. Then I pulled up a couple of e cigs and a bottle of jack.

Track By Track

For me ‘Kiss It Better’ had this 80’s soft rock vibe. The guitar riff actually reminded me of En Vogue’s ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ for a small part of it. It’s fine to be reminded of something from the 90’s if that something from the 90’s was actually good in the first place back in the 90’s.

‘Desperado’ makes some of the best noises, and it has more layers than a fckin trifle. I liked it.

‘Work’ was one I instantly liked when I first heard it. That Dance Hall tip and that nonchalant vocal some people said made her sound drunk, but as I said at the time, most of the moments we will hear that song we too will be drunk so it’s ideal. But it’s not that anyway, it’s a nonchalant chic vocal that oozes cool, and cool is something that sadly some people have and understand and some people…. well they just really don’t. You can’t invent cool, you just are it or you’re just not.


‘Love On The Brain’ has a real 60’s feel and completely floored me. It’s quite beautiful. If I was an emotional kind of person that sound would’ve got me but I’d had way too much jack by this point to have anything resembling feelings.

Then we move on to an  Amy Winehouse soulful feel that very nearly did get me.

“Higher” sounds as though Amy and Adele fcked and had a child that literally came out of the womb smoking a cigarette looking at all the doctors like: “IDGAF” now wash me down with a scented baby wipe and let’s crack on with things.

“Close To You” has a beautiful bit of piano, it could’ve been close to being a touch cheesy, you know like at Christmas when two bob pop stars try and bring out a ballad, but it was far too well done to fall into that bracket.


The attraction to the album for me is most of the points I’ve mentioned, but also that she won’t give a FCK what anyone things about it. She took a new direction because she’s got balls bigger than most men, and if you don’t like it (which I’ve seen many don’t) she won’t care. It’s what sets her apart from everyone else, they’re all so desperate and needy for attention and approval that it’s tragic and comes across in everything they do. She’s not really on that tip. She’s too much of a rock star to trouble herself with what no-marks think of her.

I think it’s a tremendous bit of work she should be extremely proud of. It’s chic as fck and it’s classy with a touch of hood. I’m so into it. The end.