Dream, dream, what do you mean?

Don’t you just hate people that tell you about their dreams? I find these people to be boring, and as far as conversational topics go it’s like 9th on my most hated list.

And with that in mind…

OK so I had this dream the other night and it was so wildly fcked up. It happened when I was round at this guy’s house. We’d had a really nice evening, I’d had a bit of champagne and was suitably tipsy. It came to bed time and I went off to slumber wearing just his pants in the biggest, comfiest bed. And also as an added lucky bonus he’s not one of those annoying guys that drapes his huge man arms all over you. Get the fck off me! How can I sleep with you pinning me down?

So he’s perfect in that sense. We kissed goodnight, which is super cute then off to sleep in my area of the bed I went.

Something must have stirred me awake at some point (if I’m honest and I didn’t want to tell him this, but actually I woke up and his face was all up in my face which is 100% what would have pulled me out my sleeping zen as anyone that knows me will know when I’m asleep, I’m asleep). I woke up and laid awake for a bit, went to the bathroom super quietly, got back into bed and went into one of the most intense sleeps of my life.

Get the fck out of my face

Get the fck out of my face

When I woke up (because I heard some irritating music) I was totally out of it, like all disoriented, and it was because of a dream. Now rule no1 that we all know is if you don’t immediately tell your bed partner about said dream, your brain bizarrely sucks it back into the dream section (which technically for me is my whole brain) and you just forget it right? It goes. Wtf is that?

So anyway I wake up and this dream was so vivid, and get this, it was quite nice!

I had dreamt I was with my ex-boyfriend, and he was staying in this really chic hotel with his brother, and he was obsessed with me. But I was staying in another suite with someone, and it was someone really cool.

As I’ve forgotten who it was let’s say for blog’s sake it was Future, although if I’m honest I’m not sure it was anyone, you know what dreams are like some people don’t have faces.

"You were cheating on me in your dream? I'ma stick a finger in you butt."

“You were cheating on me in your dream? I’ma stick a finger in yo butt.”

But in the dream I was sneaking off to go and see my ex and my ex properly loved me. He was like so into me. It was the cutest thing ever.

Now just for some background, this particular ex in my warped mind is the only ex I care about. I remember him as perfect despite knowing he probably wasn’t, I was pretty young. Like early 20’s and we had a good relationship and then I did what I always do, I fcked it up (it’s my thing, let me live).

Anyway this dream was so nice because he had been nice to me in it and the last time I saw him, which was Christmas before last, I’d been like “oh hey” and he went full-on Taylor Swift on me. I’m talking the whole “weeeeee are never ever ever getting back together” routine. I hadn’t fckin asked him the weirdo, I mean I’d literally said hi and he just went crazy. It was super funny. I laughed and then forgot about it, but obviously I hadn’t.

Anyway that’s whatever, dreams mean literally zero. But what did make me question a few things was why I was having a dream about a ten- year old ex (you like them young, and that’s fine, just don’t tell the Feds – ed) when I was with another guy? Did this mean I didn’t like current guy? I think I’d gone to sleep thinking I wasn’t that into him.

So I’m in this daze and the guy I was in the non-dream world with was all in my face looking so cute with the biggest smile on his face and it was the nicest thing to wake up to, but I was so out of it I mumbled something about the dream.

He asked if it was good and I was like “yeah someone that hates me liked me again.” That was all I felt comfortable divulging, if I hadn’t been so out of it I wouldn’t have said anything. Anyway then we cracked on with our morning (which was super weird but we shall discuss that another day).

It just really threw me because I couldn’t understand why I was with a nice guy and thinking of another? Then I got all weird and LostItGirl over it and decided I was dreaming of my ex who I hold on a higher pedastal because me and this current guy will never ever be the way we were.

Basically my brain was saying “Guy you’re with now doesn’t like you and won’t ever be a nice boyfriend to you/boyfriend at all. And ex boyfriend from dream was actually a reminder of real life.”

Oh FCK I’m basically Taylor Swift.

"OMG I'm basically Taylor Swift"

“OMG I’m basically Taylor Swift”

Then when I was alone on the train I remembered that it’s all bullshit. Dreams are actually pretty easy to break down I find. It’s easy to try to overthink them, perhaps because in your dream things seemed so great you begin to wonder how you can formulate the scenario in reality. There are meanings behind dreams though, but you need to be less of fantasist to be able to really comprehend them.

So let’s do some dream meanings for the realists.

Dream meanings

Being chased – Karma is coming for you because you’re a bastard.

Cheating – You’re a slut.

Death – You’re dead inside.

Running – Go to the gym.

Falling – Wear higher heels.

Teeth falling out – Get an electric toothbrush

Flying – You’re an idiot.

Babies/animals – You need to look after yourself. Like go gluten free or something.

Sex – Your current bmi is probably perfect

Driving – You’re on a road to nowhere. Buy more vintage it will change your life.

Nudity – Be more filthy in bed, stop being frigid.

Money – You’re very boring.

Your ex – I just don’t know, but don’t worry they’ve probably dreamt about you recently too. So don’t feel bad.

Of course dream websites will tell you other meanings for these “common dreams” but here at LostItGirl we deal in real.


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