Big braggy shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti

I like these shoes. I was never a fan of a wedge sneaker until Giuseppe Zanotti jumped on the style and bragged them up to 100. Before it was all Velcro, felt and suede. Now they are all gold, bling and chic.

I can bowl around town in them real quick whilst, also maintaining the added benefit of height to make me feel superior to those much shorter than me. Ideal.

When wearing a braggy shoe it’s best to wear them with all black everything.


Less is more, and make the braggy shoes the focal point.

I actually love these shoes rather a lot, they are special to me for many reasons. Mostly because they were bought for me. Repping some shoes that were gifted to you, thus costing you nothing but the benefits of wearing them.

That’s just a thing I like to do.