Black and yellow

Like a fluffy angora bumblebee. I malted all over many people because I had rather a cuddly day. Things are fun right now and I had great things to tell people, so the hugs were aplenty.

Plus I enjoyed covering people with illuminous rabbit hair. Ok that’s mostly why I participated in human contact, usually I hate any form of touching. “Get off me” is my favourite catchphrase.

Second skin over the knee boots. And a hat, which was a super dumb idea because because it’s storm weather, and is very windy.

Don’t forget to communicate here.

It’s anonymous, it doesn’t ask for your contact details, and no we can’t track you and pinpoint your device because we aren’t the FBI (yes we can and we do and we are – ed).

So you can call me a **** and I’d have no idea who you are. So fun. Or you could choose to be nice. Depends what your zen is. XO