In life, people will be shit to you and try to fck you up and cause you upset. It’s just a thing humans like to do. How best to deal with this though? Anger-sadness-revenge? Nope, that’s for simpletons.

The best way to deal with people is actually by doing impressions/characters of those who have acted in a manner you consider to be unjust.

Sounds weird, but this will never not work. You create such a great character that the real non-exaggerated version will become nothing more than a joke to you. 

It’s actually something my therapist taught me and I wanted to share it with you. It’s harmless and thus a healthy way to deal with assholes.


Do NOT mistake taking the piss out of someone as meaning you care about this person in any way shape or form though. A good laugh with your friends is only that, a good laugh. It doesn’t mean your enemy has any effect on your life, although depending on the level of wrongdoing, you may need to cultivate a pretty fckin good impression.

Me and my friends have a handful of people we constantly laugh at. Sounds mean? Just wait. 

First things first: give them a silly voice. Once you say the hurtful, vile things they’ve said to you in the new voice you’ve given them, it instantly becomes humorous. 


You pretty much take the shit personality of the individual and exaggerate it by 100%. Already by now, a great character should be forming. You should now also not be affected by anything the real them does or says, also really you shouldn’t be talking to them anyway because you don’t like them. So now it’s time to purposely look at their social media for the gold you will inevitably find. 


Once you start reading their stuff in the character you will laugh until you produce tears. If you cry when you laugh it’s great, although I personally don’t do that because I prefer to cry in a more dramatic manner.

It will give you endless laughs and any feelings – even ones of disdain – will disappear. I believe all the finest jokes and comedy comes at the expense of someone, and now we can all share laughs at somebody’s expense once given a ridiculous character. 

You’ll find the new character will become an instant hit with everyone. It’s the single-handily best way to deal the rise of the idiots. 

We have voices and characters for many people. It’s so fun. We voice note each other as the characters. 

I might even pitch it as a TV show. (There’s a good chance that shows with impressions may well have been done already, and instead of skidmarks nobody has ever heard of, we think they use people from off of the tele – ed)

OK so Star Stories was pretty shit, but at least it had Super Hans playing Guy Ritchie, along with some random playing his wife.

OK so Star Stories was pretty shit, but at least it had Super Hans playing Guy Ritchie, along with some random playing his wife.

It’s very healthy to take a negative experience and make it hilarious and something for others too enjoy also. 

Try it, turning people into an art form and certainly into a character. It’s a really healthy and fun way to deal with the local douche bag. 

And remember as somebody really quite famous said once: “Just because you ARE a character, doesn’t mean that you HAVE character…”

The people we are discussing here don’t even know they ARE (or have been made into) a character, but also they don’t HAVE any character… So the quote is a waste of time in this context.