Charlie Sheen

I think I’ve mentioned my love of Charlie Sheen before? I forget, I’ve done so many blogs but we took a few down when we moved sites and the lazy assholes working on LostItGirl haven’t put them all back up again yet, so I don’t have one to link to. But I can almost guarantee I have. 

For starters, on my therapy-advised “quiet days” I always watch the double bill of Two and a Half Men while I’m sipping chamomile tea through a straw and sexting. 

Charlie Sheen brought us the sayings “winning” and “tiger blood”. Ok he didn’t invent the words but he can certainly claim them as his. 

He had one of my favourite all time meltdowns. Way better than Britney’s, or Bieber’s, or even mine. 

He rolls around town caring none. He had a full on Twitter meltdown. So fun. He never hid his love of booze, drugs, sex and arguments. What you see is what you get. I admire it.

Sheen I’ve always imagined he’s actually my dad, and that that’s why I’m also a total shit show. 


But after his revelation yesterday, it only proves that an overindulgent lifestyle has a price. After his interview, my main concern was how uneducated people are on HIV. 

No dears, Charlie Sheen does not have AIDS, he has the HIV virus. Which, with proper medication and quitting his overindulgent lifestyle, can be managed and he can live a normal life. 

Shame on the people blackmailing him. How vile. Shame on people clueless to the illness, and shame on him not actually being my dad. 

But I do love how he rounded up the interview. He said “It’s not great, it will be great again, I’m a survivor.”

Love you Sheen. Winning. 

(PS: you’re my imaginary dad. Call me.)