D8 Night

So to my date with the sort, continued from here

Firstly, he suggested food. Eugh, no way. I put a stop to that immediately.

Then he started to get all jazzy like wine bars and shit. I put a stop to that too.

I would have to take control. “We are going here (local pub) see you there and I’ll be late.”

So he texts and asks what drink I want while I’m still in the house. Perfect, I can leave now, I make my drink request.

When I walk into the pub, this was terribly not ok, and just bad timing for poor sort, but he was walking by the kitchen area of the bar, and the door to the kitchen was open with some kitchen people doing kitchen work things in the background.

Sort had no coat on and just an all black outfit and no stuff apart from the two glasses he was carrying. From where I stood, it looked like the poor man was working there. If he was a bar man though, or the kitchen help, it would be a very popular pub, I’d be drinking in there every night doing the bend and snap and generally trying to have sex with him.

Anyway I just made a joke like “do you work here?” He takes it, good lad.

Bar man

Does it look like I work here?

So we discuss the pub, and he tells me about his taxi journey in. He was talking and all I wanted to say was “do you mind if I just stare at your face for a whole 28 minutes?”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a face like that. Seriously, he’s such a sort.

Ok so now I must spend the evening finding anything I can wrong with him. It’s crucial I either find a reason to hate him, or else I’ll just have go to plan b which I always hate, but when needs must…

Plan b is just fcking the whole thing up as soon as possible.

Anyway back to the night and it sadly being really good. He laughed at all my jokes, non-fake laughing too. He actually found me funny, big bonus, and an even bigger bonus was he was actually really funny himself. Fck fck fck this is not how I wanted it to turn out.

He’s plying me with double vodkas. I never drink doubles. Plus I haven’t eaten anything cause I’m on hunger strike over another guy. I told you that here.

I’m now pissed.


You really shouldn’t get trashed on a date. Mostly because you’ll probably have sex with him (please don’t). But also because you won’t remember anything.

I did the latter. I’ve forgotten how it ended.

But it didn’t end in sex, I’m not that lame. Firstly if you actually like a guy, don’t bone on night one. All respect will depart from any further relations you may embark upon with the individual, so it’s doomed.

If, like me, you actually like the guy so you’re gonna end it asap, then night two will be fine to have sex. Except I’m celibate. But I might stop that for one night, not too sure yet. But I’ll write about it so we can all find out.

Bye d8’ers.