Dubai Looks

Here I am with a nod to the 80’s.

unknownAfter this picture was taken I got a call from 1983, they wanted their stuff back. I said fine they could have all that but no way they’re taking my bumbag, scrunchies or dungarees.

Arabian nights

unknown[1]I was off to see a rapper so hence the tee. Plus, PVC isn’t really a thing in Dubai, so I enjoyed my dominatrix skirt, and so did the rapper.

Untitled 2For me, this snake in my bikini top screams Arabian. Try to match your surroundings with your outfits.

Here we do white, pink and silver. So cute.unknown[3]The skirt when lit up is major.

And here I bring you the lbd Dubai style.Unkown 3Here’s a close up of the fish I bought in one of the souks.unknown[2]I’ve named him Tile. Isn’t he cute? He moves and his eyes are made of Rubies.

See you. XOXO lostitgirl

PS: If you want to know where any of my looks are from. Feel free to ask me here.