Fck it

Sometimes, saying fck it is just the best thing to do. Contrary to popular belief, using swearing as a form of expression doesn’t make you illiterate, it’s actually a very legitimate modern-day method of communication, and when nothing else will quite do the job, well, fck it.

Sometimes in life you just have to fck it all (and I don’t mean going around and having unprotected sex with all the people, although I also wouldn’t judge you if that is how you chose to live, but that’s not what I mean).

I’ve had to say fck it about 236 times in the last five days. You do find you get times like that. But it’s no good saying “ahhhhh fck it,” but then not actually seeing it through.

I’ve said fck it to a couple of guys who are just behaving like twats. I’ve had to say fck it for a few work matters, and fck it to a few annoying people all trying to get up in my business. You just say fck it, breathe, blog about it, and then forever forget.

I’ve also had to say fck it over the fact that I ate some bread. But I’ll be honest I’m still stressing about that one, so I guess it doesn’t always work.

21 things that we just think – fck it

Here’s some shitty things we should just fck off, but fck it.

  1. Sugar, bread, gluten – actually all food that isn’t a green smoothie. Fck it.
It's sugar not cocaine? Fck it.

It’s sugar not cocaine? Fck it.

  1. Bedwetters and melts. Never let these get to you. The clue is in the title. They wet the bed. Fck it.
Your mum will clean it up mate, fck it.

Your mum will clean it up mate, fck it.

  1. Not being friends with Eminem. It’s hard to accept it, but it’s just how it is, so fck it.
I think I just found out fella...

I think I just found out fella…

  1. Bosses and all people of authority. So annoying, but fck it.


  1. Dogs with wheels for back legs. I cry about them all the time, but it’s happened, you can’t change it, and at least they’re still mobile, so fck it.


  1. Make-up companies discontinuing your favourite shade. Fck it.


  1. Shit music. People WILL like shit music. You can stress over it and beat yourself up about it. But you can’t stop it, people can like what ever they like and although it’s disturbing, fck it.


  1. Finding out some of your friends are actually not really friends at all. Fck it.

Fck it

  1. Fake designer goods. Eugh, it’s frustrating but fck it.


  1. People making arrangements to see you but then not, or not even having the good manners to communicate with you. Fck them, but fck it.

cancel dinner

  1. English weather. Fck it.


  1. Using all of your internet allowance. Just buy more, fck it.


  1. Messages being read and not replied to. Lol. Fckers. Fck it.


  1. Your current bmi. Fck it.


  1. Nobody complimenting you on your £500 boots you spent six months trying to locate. Fck it.


  1. People filtering and photoshopping their face so much in pictures. Just imagine how they feel in the morning. Fck it.

Harry styles

  1. Britney Spears no longer being Britney Spears. Ok I admit that’s a hard one, but you know what? Fck it.


  1. Using fck instead of fuck. Fck it.


  1. When you go to lunch late and all the quinoa salads have been snapped up by other bitches who think they are health conscious. Oh well, I just won’t eat – fck it.


  1. When you wake up still dressed with a headache and have no idea where you are or where your phone is or where that very important drop of water you so desperately require might be. Just go back to sleep, deal with it later – fck it.


  1. When you’re surrounded by other humans intent on arguing with each other and not focusing on simply attempting to get through the rest of their lives being nice and promoting happiness. Fck it.
The smart money's on the man mountain on the right....

The smart money’s on the man mountain on the right….

It’s a very healthy way to deal in life – to just say fck it and forget all about it. On to the next one.