Good morning, good night… 

I was recently sat around in my friend’s really chic boudoir discussing all the shit show guys I waste my time talking to, and she said the following statement: “You know when someone likes you, because they want to talk to you. They want to say ‘good night’ or ‘good morning’.”

It’s true, and I know this, and I’ve known for a while, but sometimes I forget stuff. I forget stuff a lot actually, for example I totally forgot that I wasn’t talking to any of the guys anymore because I’ve gone cold turkey. I’ll pick that up again some time…

I’ve only spoken to two of them so I’m actually doing pretty well; the two that will literally never ever leave me until I really do learn to go cold turkey.

Is it wise to use the old “good morning/good night” thing as a jumping off point to decipher if someone likes you or not? Yeah, probably. I knew EDF liked me because he would generally say “good night” and always “good morning”. But he was also a fckin twat. So you know, it’s all well and good getting those texts, but it helps if the textee isn’t just absolutely awful.

My friend was right though, it’s a great way to work out if someone likes you or not.

I decided to try it out on the two guys I’m still talking to; 50 and God. Here’s how that went:

50 replied straight away with a ‘good night’ and an ‘x’, but the next day I did the same thing and he ignored it. In his defence (which isn’t very good) he didn’t actually get it until 7am the next morning, and you’re not likely to reply ‘good night’ then are you? So we’ll carry on with the experiment tonight.

God just point blank ignored. But, although there is really no defence for this airing, he and I have been on quite the journey recently. We hung out, he seemed weird. Then he did something on social media which made me angry. And I went full on LostItGirl on him, and he handled it really well.

I think by the end of the day he had simply had enough of me. But, if he actually cared at all he could have just replied. Wanker. Plus, I’m pretty sure the night we hung out I lectured him for his terrible texting. He’s a fckin confusing one actually. I won’t try out the good morning/good night on him anymore though, because I already got my answer. The answer was silence. Which is annoying.

I like this experiment. I’m going to call God out on it the next time we talk. And 50 gets another shot tonight. Who would have thought after my experiment I’d be left with livid little 50?

My new thing is that I am going to judge every guy on their communication of good night/good morning from now on.

Starting with a goodbye…