Hangover from hell

I just had the worst hangover this week, although as far as hangovers go, it wasn’t a death scenario. I did get up and dressed and fulfilled the days tasks. I managed to sit in a room for three hours listening to the latest musical hits, and if I managed that it couldn’t have been too bad – as a hangover goes.


I think mostly it was because I spent 80% of the day still drunk. I mean I wasn’t exactly drunk, I was just firstly OK and then developed into being ruined.

Anyway it progressed into what we would label the needy type of hangover. You know those ones?

I needed someone to sit with me for those three hours and say nice things to me, so I was given this really sweet girl called Frankie. The trouble was she was too upbeat. She was so positive she could have been on the end of a battery.BatteryPositivity is nice and great and everything, but I was so needy it was making me doubt everything she was saying to me. So I kept having to issue a summons to my other friend Al to tell me everything was OK. With all sorts of things, not just my music listening skills, but my hair, my weight, my everything.

“Say I’m pretty.”

Then in came my…….hmmmmm now what word do I use here? He’s like a guy who I used to hook up with, so you could call him an ex, but that would suggest we had some kind of relationship, and we didn’t because it got all intense and he acted mental then I acted mental and we retreated to different countries.


This was good, but then after that we stopped talking everyday and for me that was an indication that things were over. I then stopped thinking about him for loads of days in a row, so I knew we were done.

Then I bumped into him, and literally his face is fckin perfection so it turned out it was back on, but then he went mental and left the country AGAIN over Christmas. So I didn’t know what was going on. Anyway then he texted a few times, but it was all work-based so I just ignored, and then he picked today – the hangover day of all days to come in the room where I was listening to music.


I was so needy I just cut out the crap and was like: “You gonna come sleep over tonight then or what?” (Oh my God it’s like watching the Titanic – ed)


He said no. ? but for a legitimate reason. I wasn’t ready to stop there though (Wow – ed), I was like: “OK fine, tomorrow then.” He said yes and then we messaged most of the night which was really sweet.

Anyway I’ll let you know what happens. It’s kind of complicated because there’s another guy I mentioned here before and it’s not like I’m boning both of them (because that’s grotesque and not really what I’m about), but neither of them really treat me very well.

So I guess I’ll just see which one’s the sweetest to me and decide from there, but that’s literally not important right now, it’s way early days. It’s always a good indicator to see who gives me the most attention on needy days like today. So far they both fckin fail.


“They both fckin fail, I’m a real catch.”

Guy 1 fails for not saying a fckin thing, like: “How you feeling today? Cheers for all the funny messages.”

And guy 2 is slightly ahead due to the visit and the attention in the evening. But neither of them win thus far.

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m saying all this because the possibility is they could both see it, well let me tell you that they most certainly won’t. They are both like so far too into themselves to ever click on a link or read something that runs the risk of not being solely about them. I’m the same so I get that and it’s fine, totally not judging such narcissistic behaviour. Plus it means I can say what I want too!

Oh and PS: The guy just cancelled on me. I said dick into the phone but Siri wouldn’t let me send it, Siri always has my back, so I’ve just archived the prick. All the pressure is on the other guy now… FML