It’s all coming up Miley

Miley Cyrus is boss.

Miley Cyrus doesn’t give a fck.Miley Cyrus2

Miley Cyrus lives her life.

Miley Cyrus loves dogs.


Miley Cyrus loves drugs.

Miley Cyrus1

Miley Cyrus doesn’t eat.

Miley Cyrus sometimes doesn’t brush her teeth.

You can’t be Miley Cyrus.

Guys, come on now you know how much I admire somebody that gives zero fcks about anything. It’s just incredible, and I know a great many people who could do with adding even just a smidgen of this outlook to their lives.


She is what I believe people term as ‘cool’. I looked this word up and found it means people who think and act different, while simultaneously not giving a fck despite millions of people hoping to in some way be closely associated or similar to them. Yeah I guess that’s Miley right there.

At night the cool kids don’t think about us when they lay their heads down on on their pill…..(oh well probably anywhere actually, they don’t care where they sleep).

Point is the cool kids and those with an IDGAF attitude just don’t think about anyone’s point of view relating to them.

Miley is of this ilk, as is Kate Moss.

Anyway, Miley hosted the VMA’s and it was hilarious.

She wore whatever she wanted.


She’s skinny and proud, she isn’t swallowing boulders every night in order to achieve a boulder butt because she thinks it’s cool. It’s not. How do you get chic clothes to fit an ass like that if you’re a regular human being and not on a custom made bespoke tip?? You don’t. Topshop doesn’t cater for a man-made ass like that.

She hangs out with what’s his name from Flaming Lips who is super cool.


Maybe a part of her tiny little vagina could of fallen out of this outfit? She doesn’t care.


Now, Miss Nicki Minaj. What a shame. I’ve always liked Nicki Minaj, but do you know what I like more? Girls that act like girls. Girl power.

So I follow her on Twitter and on the day the VMA nominations happened she went on blog destruction. It was nuts. So pissed at not being nominated, she attacked anybody skinnier than her. It was weird, but anyway not long ago Miley decided to comment on this. You can read it on any number of websites, but may I suggest Capital FM or Capital Xtra.

It’s all pretty boring but Nicki decided to use live TV as her opportunity to hit back with a witty/funny response. Or at least that’s what someone cool would’ve done. Instead, Nicki decided to act like a Millwall fan in a glittery dress.

Look how livid she is.


Sorry but what a vile face to pull? You’re a lady, right? Girls don’t act like that, it’s grotesque. Don’t contort your face into such an ugly pose. It’s just horrifying, but it’s also hilarious and I can’t stop laughing.


Is that cute? Is that attractive? Is that ladylike? Is this somebody that doesn’t give a fck and just enjoying their life??? No, anger like that can be of no good to anybody. Anger like that will consume you and eat away at you from the inside.

Also Drake completely annihilated her sad sack fiancé recently, so for no other reason than that I’d have taken the more ladylike, higher ground outlook. But hey…

Anyway, livid hooligan aside. Guess what? Miley doesn’t give a fck.

Try to stick together girls. Try to just live your life with no concern of what anybody else thinks or is doing. You’ll find you enjoy it way more!