Kanye brings the lolz

Kanye West and his self-indulgent bankrupt nonsense is life to me.

I went to the cinema to watch and listen to him stream his new album from Madison Square Garden last week, and it was awesome.

So first off, all the Kardashians were there. Looking stupid. I loved it.

I do admire what a loyal tight family unit they are, they all look out for each other, they praise and celebrate each other’s work. I use the term ‘work’ loosely of course, but the point is I really am a fan. You will find loyalty like that very rarely, it’s super-admirable. So naturally they were all there to support Kanye. So cute.

After that happened, they all entered and sat down. Then Kanye appeared and walked around high fiving everyone like he was Jesus.


He was with King Push who is very cool. He was wearing a military-esque jacket by Valentino that he later said on Twitter he is giving away. What a top guy. Love him.

Kanye was dressed in homeless chic.


Anyway so then he plugged in his laptop, updated his Facebook status, begged a few people for money on Twitter and proceeded to drop some huge fckin cuts (cuts is a term used by music producers to describe pieces of music. It can also be used to describe scenes (usually deleted) from a film – ed).

I screamed when Future (it’s not Future – ed) came in on one of the tracks. Nobody else did (that’s because it’s not Future – ed). But you know me, I don’t believe you should keep your emotions to yourself. Fck that. If you love something act like it. Anyway I got very excited when my imaginary boyfriend’s voice came out. Loved it.

I laughed my head off at the Taylor line and the Rob K line, plus he also said something about loving something as much as Kanye loves Kanye. I admire someone that can laugh at themselves. Good trait.


Rihanna was on one of the tunes and she was awesome. And so briefly was Frank Ocean, so it was super exciting to find out he is alive and well. Awesome.

All the while a load of nonchalant semi attractive models stood on stage in tramp chic because it was New York fashion week and he was actually showcasing his fashion collection too. Hence why Anna Wintour was in attendance. He actually gave her an awesome shout out in the beginning. It was quite funny, he really is great in much of what he says.

For me he didn’t talk enough, because 80% of what he says is complete bullshit and I LOVE it. I actually prefer what he says to what he sings.

Obviously I’ve only had one listen to each song so I can’t really review each song, but I know it was great. There was a gospel tune and some trap and hilarious Lorca and some big names on there with him. I know I super enjoyed it and will be listening to it a lot.

Life of Pablo

Little bit of history there, it was a great night. And not even because I was pissed out of my face. It was music and fashion combined which is never gonna be a shit evening for me.

Thanks Kanye. And for the Kanye rant you did on Twitter the next day. And for the rants you continue to do on Twitter each day. Always hilarious, never change.