Kylie Jenner’s lips on LostItGirl

Do you know who my favourite from out of the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan is? (No, who? – ed). It is Rob. Just kidding, it’s Kylie of course. I fckin love her.

She’s totally boring, like she’s got zero of anything going on, but I just love her the most out of them all. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because she hated her face so much she went ahead and got herself a whole new one when she was still a teenager. I find that to be very fckin brave, perhaps a touch misinformed, and totally badass.

“Mum I don’t like my face.”

“Well have a flick through this catalogue and pick yourself out a new one my babes.”

Erm, yeah, cool af! I’d have loved that kind of privilege as a child. But sadly, that just wasn’t my journey. Anyway I think she’s the coolest one and I’m obsessed with everything she does.

So fellow LostItGirl, Natalie, got a Kylie lip kit for her main birthday present. I was so angry and jealous. Maybe if I was a nicer person I’d have the kind of friends who would buy me Kylie cosmetics. But I don’t. Again, I guess that just wasn’t my journey.

If you ever watch Kylie’s Snapchats then you’ll get it. If you don’t, then wtf is your problem? What you doing with your life that is so important that you’re not following Kylie? Pathetic.

Luckily for me, Natalie is really nice and she let me borrow it for one day only. I licked the box and then I had a good smell of the gloss. I took some deep breaths, and I then applied.

Massive Pink Lips

Suddenly my lips became massive and I wanted to suck things and take a ton of a pictures with them. I mean the colour was too dark and not what I’m into at all, but the big lips were amazing. I was instantly obsessed, and it lasted all day, which was lucky because now said lip kit is several thousand feet in the sky (Natalie took it away in a plane) so I’ve decided I’m likely to buy every single one in the collection.

It costs about £6 grand to have them shipped over from America, but then my lovely friend Manny was like I’ll get you one for your birthday present. How cute? I’ve got to wait three weeks but you can’t be ungrateful under these circumstances can you?

Anyway you should get a Kylie lip kit because boys will want to to kiss you. I frenchied four boys that night and two twins. And I’m not even lying.


See ya.