Life has been very quiet

For me, yes, it’s all gone very quiet, except for on my social media channels, where it’s just been a complete lie factory. That’s now become my new favourite term for, well… for everyone. Including me. The other day, 50 said to me: “Your life is like a movie…”


Anyway, I digress. I’m not going there, I’d really rather discuss the ‘Lie Factory’.

I can fill you in on my stupid rotation/cold turkey/cluster fck of guys I talk to another day.

Awareness of the ‘Lie Factory’ is real. This pleases me. 

It all started a while ago when Twitter started deleting fake accounts. Meaning those that bought fake followers lost out. Half their followers, and more than half their credibility. Shame. But also, good.

Instagram need to hurry up and do the same so all these people can stop trying to be God. Or Beyoncé. Or whatever. Just stop buying attention. 

Then what needs to happen next is brands and shit need to stop giving idiots money to pretend to like something they don’t like. They don’t like your product, they like your money.

This became most evident when this picture was posted. 

Here we see a girl with balloons at her bedside table. If she has a helium addiction, this is not to be laughed at. But this is the only logical explanation for this picture. Who the fck has balloons around their fckin bed?

I can’t be bothered to list all the lies in this picture because we’ve all got eyes. The pancakes are tortillas, the product which is mouthwash is on her bedside table. The whole thing is insane. This is what happens though when amateur people who have not studied art, photography, or any form of creative discipline, are given licence to perpetuate this kind of horror show for money. How did it come to this?

But this shit is happening everywhere. More and more. What we need more than ever now is to stop making stupid people famous. When Plastic Jesus first declared this, I feel it was aimed at reality tv humans, and tbh that’s taken care of itself pretty much. Most of these shows are just fads whose appeal quickly wears thin. But the Instagram thing, the influencer thing. It’s a real concern. A 14 year old who goes on YouTube and talks ten ton of shit surely cannot be an influencer? Someone who’s never done anything of any consequence with their life wouldn’t have much of an influence on me, I can tell you.

Victoria Beckham is an influencer, as is her husband.

Serena Williams is an influencer. 

Blake Lively is an influencer.

Britney is an influencer.

People who worked hard to reach the top of their own profession (sometimes more than one profession) then earn the popularity and the right to be able to go charge money to promote shit.

Obvs all the Kardashians are also influencers, but it’s whatever. Nothing we can do about that. I’m as obsessed as everyone else is.

I don’t think of myself as an influencer, and if I was ever labelled as one it would be quite disturbing for me. “Oh yeah, I’ve worked for twenty years to become a social media influencer…” said no-one worthwhile ever.

But I do hope that through my blog I may influence at least one person to never ever have a rotation of stupid, wet wipe boys.

We will cover these later in the week. It’s all mad. And I love it. 

Don’t be influenced by the Lie Factory.

All that glitters is not gold.