LostItGirl looks of the week

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All black everything and white tuxedo jacket. I actually had matching trousers to this jacket but I have no idea where they are. I can’t remember much in life, but I do remember I’ve left many items at many boys houses and bitches I’ve known have always helped themselves to my clothing collection. You just have to hope bad shit for the people that don’t return your belongings. It’s all you can do to get by.


Orange and black. Apparently that’s a film or something? I often hear or see boring people referencing it. I’m not into television shows, but as a clothing colour combo I’m a big fan.


Red leather trousers. Ok I totally love a trouser and dress combo and it has been seen on many catwalks of late. But that’s not why I wore it, I actually ripped the back pocket when I was yanking them over my fat ass so I had to ditch the originally planned jumper and wear this instead. Still you’d never know (until I told you) and it looks totally rad.


Its like so freezing in London right now, so a chunky wool knit was a must for this day. Worn with my treasured white vintage Gina boots that everyone always wanks off over. Yeah I know they’re great stop going on.

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