I thought I’d let you into the morning of a lostitgirl. I just thought it might be fun to see how I spend my mornings. It probably won’t be, but as with everything I’ll crack on regardless.

Ok so I’ll wake up whenever the hell I want. But I do have a back up alarm of 10:30am just in case I’ve had a super stressful day and I feel like sleeping until then. But usually I’ll awake naturally anytime between 7am and 10:30am.

I’ll then check my phone. I always have what’s apps to awaken to, so I’ll read them. I wonder what it’s like to wake up to no messages?

No messages

Like nobody’s thought of you in the (10 hours if you’re me, five for everyone else) that you’ve been asleep. The very idea makes feel sad for people.

Then I’ll check Instagram. I like all the things I follow on Instagram, like fashion stuff so I enjoy it.
That morning I saw this though:


It really annoys me when you say something first then someone really famous and rich goes ahead and says it way after you.

I said the exact same thing in a bar with my friend Mike ages ago. Oh well. I even repeated teh next day in this text exchange, look:

Yeah it's like being privilege to a conversation between Oscar Wilde and William Shakespere

Yeah it’s like being privilege to a conversation between Oscar Wilde and William Shakespere

Anyway. Then I’ll move on to Twitter. I’ll go to the home page and if I happen to see something I like, cool. But I won’t scroll down. I’ll just go to my mentions (of which they’ll be none) and leave immediately.

Then I’ll put on Frasier. I love that show. It has this dog called Eddie in it though, so I’ll usually feel sad about Ursula. But then the show will make me laugh and I can move on.

Then I’ll consider an outfit for the day as I get up to go make a green tea (which is drunk through a straw) I’ll usually bump into one of my house mates as I do this, and I’ll consider wether I wanna say hi or not. I usually don’t. I actually adore all my housemates a lot and I’m very lucky for that,  but it’s good to give off a certain mystery/cuntiness so people don’t get too attached.


But sometimes I’ll totally ask them how they are before I immediately stop listening to their answer. But hey, I’ve asked how they are so I’m not always totally mean.

So then I’ll get straight back in to bed (which has nine pillows) still considering an outfit (I’ll have seen the day’s weather by now and have a better understanding of my thread needs).

Then I’ll think about someone random like Damon Albarn and wonder what they’re doing and if things are good for them.

"Nah it's going shit Toni, this morning I was rudely awoken by the dustmen..."

“Nah it’s going shit Toni, this morning I was rudely awoken by the dustmen…”

Then I’ll text my therapist whatever I’m thinking.

Then I’ll have a 38 minute shower. Sometimes it’s not just a shower, sometimes I’ll lay down on the cold of the bathroom floor to think about my life before I get into the shower. It’s ok to do this.


Then the task of getting dressed begins. Many items are discarded in my quest for the perfect outfit for the day’s needs. These make their way down to the Floordrobe. I won’t say it’s easy but I also wouldn’t say it’s hard. I won’t say it’s fun, but I also wouldn’t say it’s not fun.

Then I’ll prepare a small Tupperware box of green leaves and chia seed, and if I’m hungover some raw salmon. Or if I’m not then no salmon. Then it’s off to work for me.

Before I leave the house careful consideration is taken into what my zen is and what soundtrack I’ll require for my walk. This usually takes anywhere from 2 to 28 minutes, depending on what the what’s apps I’ve received that morning have been.

Anyway. Then I’ll write my blog on all manner of topics that are sometimes related to my real life, and sometimes not. Who knows?! That’s the beauty of life.

Xoxo Good morning y’all