Rude rant

I’m just going to go ahead and rant about the rude. It’s something I need to do.

In life, there are some people who can say something slightly rude or obnoxious and get away with it because they’re just cheeky and funny and you can see it’s a joke. And usually if it actually was also funny, that helps a great deal. 

But this quality is rare and so often I find myself talking to people who try to say something slightly edgy, a little bit risqué, but frankly it just comes across as rude…

No, you’re not nice… you’re rude. 

One of my rotation snaps all the time, but then tries to backtrack by saying he’s “just joking”. He’s not, he’s an angry little prick. And if he is joking his delivery is shit.

He’s now off for a month on holiday and posted for all his “friends”:

“I’ll see you end of July, absolutely no replies whatsoever.”

Ok so he’s probably joking, because, why would you ignore your friends for a whole month? Especially when you’re not working. If anything I’d talk to them more while I slut about in my bikini drinking. 

Trouble is, with his livid little face and his blunt words it comes across as an actual “fck you, don’t talk to me”. Not sure he has many people who want to anyway. But who’s going to text him now? I never do anyway but even if I felt slightly inclined to I certainly wouldn’t after that.

Rude Island

I’m not an avid watcher of this year’s Love Island by any means, but there’s a girl on there who is simply rude. She pretends she’s joking but there is no joke there, just bare rude comments at the expense of others.

It’s a shame for her because she’s fit, but she’s hideous to everyone now. She will live to regret her bad attitude after she’s gone in for some anger management classes.

It’s kind of ok to look at someone and think “fck me I actually do hate you”. Best not to say it though. Especially on prime time television. 

Others are just rude af and don’t even try to hide it. 

Rude AF

Recently I witnessed someone go on a trail of destruction and use some really rather vile profanities. It was to the level of “OMG what did this person do to you? Kick your dog?”

But no, the crime was really rather minor, it’s just that the anger was not. Once that shit has been blasted out in black and white though, how can you come back from it?

We’ve always said be careful what you put up in black and white, because it’s not terribly easy to take back. 

But if someone evokes feelings of rage inside you and makes you be rude, if you feel the need to text abuse someone, it’s probably best to get away from them if they make you feel that way. 

Rude people just bring you, me, everyone down. Not only if you’re on the receiving end. But I learned in therapy we are allowed to feel anger, we have those emotions for a reason. It’s just understanding how best to deal with them without sabotaging friendships, relationships, your entire life.

So before you speak, try to think a bit about it. 

Does it need to be said?

Does it need to be said by me?

If your answer is yes, then fckin tell ‘em, bitches…