Silence Speaks…

I am an advocate of not wasting people’s time. I think in this life (which isn’t that long) it’s so much easier to just put your dick on the table. Not in reality, but spiritually. I think that getting out a penis and placing it upon a table could potentially get you arrested, and it’s also an impossibility for some girls. I’m basically saying just put it all out there.

I’ve written blog upon blog with all manner of advice related to this here in the archives of LostItGirl.

Today it’s going to be about the beauty of silence.

I always say less is more (unless it comes to fashion, in which case more is more).

Sometimes the ONLY way to get your point or feelings across is with good old fashioned silence. The oldies are the best.

Being physically old is of course grotesque, but some of the old ways of doing things are pretty neat. And this old bit of advice is brilliant – because after all, “silence is golden”.

How many times have I said that if you just aren’t into somebody – that’s ok? You can feel how you feel, the heart wants what the heart wants and it’s best to listen to it. So if somebody just isn’t for you, but you’re unfortunately scared to face up to that difficult chat/text, well don’t. Try this: ***Silence***. Don’t reply. Point made/point taken.

Par Example

If somebody you don’t like invites you to something you don’t want to attend, obviously it’s a no brainer that you won’t be gracing them with your skinny-assed presence. But don’t then tell them that you’re going. You don’t even have to tell them you’re not; try this in response to the RSVP – Silence.

If you had sexual intercourse with someone and they proceed to text you “when you wanna do round two?” but for you the thought of round two makes you be sick ever so slightly in your mouth, however you’re in public and have to swallow it back down, and you’re not brave enough to reply to the text with: “Lol never, you were a shit lay and I’m really into me being me right now” then do this to tell them that without actually telling them that – Silence. Don’t reply, completely ignore. The deafening silence from you not replying will leave them in no doubt as to how you feel.


If your mum is nagging you to visit and asking when she can next see you, but as much as you totally adore your mum your social calendar just isn’t allowing you to give up any hours to listen to her and all the stories about what “Janice, Kim, Louise” bla bla – all the women’s names have “got up to”, but you don’t want to tell your mum you’re busy and more into you just being you this month as you know she will go bat shit crazy if you say this, then…..silence. Just don’t reply. She will get the hint and it should buy you a few weeks.


You know that school mate who you totally adored during your teen years but they kind of got to their mid-twenties and you realised they’re a bit weird and actually totally do your nut in? But through loyalty you soldiered on with the friendship, however now it’s suddenly got to the point you literally just have a shit time every time you hang out because they only talk about themselves and all their many problems, but you’re just “not in that space”? Well, next time they text try – silence.


Although it is a coward’s way out, it’s so much better to leave people in no doubt as to where they stand. And silence is always the way to do this for those that lack the courage to be honest.

I’ve recently been given the silent treatment and it felt like a massive punch in the face. I felt shit for a while, but then I realised it was a massive favour. Now I know that person hates me so I’ve deleted all correspondence with the person and I can begin the ritual of removing all thought and anything to do with them from my simple mind. It’s a good thing. They’ll be dead to me by the end of next week.


And I myself have also used the silent treatment to the following texts, but really I’ve done the silence recipients a favour. Now they know how little they mean to me and that I literally hate them so they can begin the ritual of removing me from their lives. You simply can’t have people thinking of you, or you yourself thinking of people that just don’t like you and you don’t like. Life really is too short, so we all need to be straight up and real.

Texts I’ve recently ignored

  • Your rent’s due.
  • Wanna go out tomorrow?
  • You know you left your iPad here? I called three times.
  • Hey, remember me?
  • Your furry friend is ready to be collected from the vets.
  • Can I get back that custom-made engagement ring?
  • Do you think I’ve got fat?
  • Hello Miss LostItGirl we’ve called five times now, your two legged dog is here waiting for collection.
  • Hey, it’s mummy.
  • I have a TV job, 1 day’s work, unpaid, you interested?
  • Did I leave my wallet at yours?
  • Did you see my last tweet? Can you like it?
  • What do you want for dinner?
  • Miss LostItGirl, we’ve contacted the RSPCA.

And those are some of the things I’ve most recently ignored in order to let the person know that the subject matter is just not for me. Silence speaks volumes.

PS: I bought a dog with two legs when I was pissed. It’s whatever, I regret it.

Speak soon.