So I gave in and got a Snapchat in 2016, despite the fact that most peopleI know had it and deleted it by Summer 2013. Boooorrriiinnggggg it’s so dull and a total yawnacaust.

I’m over it already. I mean I’m pretty fickle and I tire easily, but that was pretty quick even for me.

So basically you make little videos or photos and put them up but they only stay up for 24 hours.


Ok so it’s basically Instagram? Video-wise it’s working on the same timeframe except Instagram doesn’t delete it after 24 hours, you have to do that yourself. And what do I always say?? Never ever ghostpost. So technically Snapchat is breaking one of my golden rules, although it’s not totally. You see while your stupid video may have disappeared for the likes of you and I, the collection at Snapchat Towers is bigger than ever. A voyeur’s dream. Did you know the average user of Snapchat is aged 15 and is female? Say no more.

Anyway that side of it is whatever. Just another boring app really, and the more apps you’re on, the more spare time you’re basically telling people you have.


I keep all my social things to this blog, Insta and Twitter. That’s plenty for me, I ain’t got time for any more.

The really fcked up part of Snapchat is that total strangers can send you whatever they want. Now usually I don’t open dm’s on anywhere. I just can’t. I have enough emails and what’s apps and texts to deal with, I don’t have time for any directs on social from people I don’t know. I try to reply to all public messages I get, but you gotta have some kind of mystique haven’t you? There needs to be some boundaries in life.



Cock shot

So anyway, I had been using Snapchat for just an hour before I got two pictures of willies from faceless guys. Eugh gross. Actually to be fair one of the guys had a rather nice willy, my gay friend confirmed this and believe me he knows his dicks. But like sorry, I probably don’t wanna see your cock, not just now. It wasn’t even funny, it was just tragic? I’m no prude, I’m not frigid, I’m all for sexting people I’m getting with/with. I’m so for that. But I just find it kind of desperate if you have to get out your member for some attention.

Like eugh who would do that??? I can see people getting mad stitched up on Snapchat. Some footballer gets sent a vagina pic (classless), she catches him at a weak moment, he replies, it gets screen shotted and its game over. He’s public enemy number one because he’s actually married with two kids.

I just find it all a bit unchic, time consuming and also, is anyone actually that interesting that you wanna see a picture of their lunch? No is the answer.

Snap no chat.