The importance of a lint roll 

I wanted to introduce you today to one of my best friends. The lint roll. 

Say hi linty….

lint roll 1

Sorry, they’re shy. They take their work very seriously and they really aren’t here to make friends.

I carry linty with me everywhere I go. I have 16 packs of spares that I bulk buy in IKEA.

I know a person loves me if they pop to IKEA and buy me a pack of lint rolls while they are in there (it’s never happened yet).

I’m not saying I want a lint roller for my main Christmas present. But I’m also not saying I wouldn’t want one to be included in my main Christmas present (perhaps tucked inside the birkin you’d be buying me would suffice).

If, like me, black is your favourite colour because it so often suits your mood, you’ll know the importance of a lint roll. 

I always thought Drake was a bit of a bed wetter, until he lint-rolled at the sidelines of a NBA game ( as seen above).

I mean that’s a guy after my own heart. I instantly imprinted. So concerned at specks of dust and tiny bits of fluff that he whipped out his portable lint roller and rolled away, despite being in full public view and despite the fact that 50 men (or however many play that ball game) were sweating, grunting, high-fiving and running around working their asses off. Love it. Good lad. 

The chicest of outfits can be ruined by the presence of fluff. 

I’ve finished with a guy for wearing black jeans that looked like they’d gone in the wash with one of his wank tissues.


It is not acceptable. 

I’m here today to tell you I’m happy for us to – in fact I insist that we – share best friends. Take your lint roller everywhere. 

Lint it girl xxxx