Was that meant for me?

Livid and I, we have a fairly complex relationship. Mainly our relationship plays out on social media. I post something, he disapproves, then lets me know. We argue, he blocks me. It’s a well-established process… and one we’ve both come not only to accept, but also, to go HAM in embracing fully.

Oh, and sometimes we meet up in real life, but not often.

And sometimes, he makes social media posts himself, and they’re usually for my benefit. I think.

So yesterday little Livid put up a little Snapchat about 10 minutes after I had last night. He watched mine, then did his own. I didn’t watch it because I don’t care about watching other people’s boring stories unless they include me, and also I like to not watch his because it annoys him (just as everything I do does). I turned my phone to silent and went to bed instead. 

When I woke up in the morning I did my usual routine, which mainly includes opening up all the usual socials repeatedly on an extended cycle. He still had his boring little Snap up.

About ten minutes later my ritual of bouncing between all the different socials took me back to Snap where he had removed said Snap.

I was like, “Was that for my benefit? Because I didn’t watch and usually I reply to his stuff?”

You may think that’s rather big headed of me, and of course it definitely is, but I do know him very well and his odd behaviour.

Perhaps he just realised it was shit content, but something tells me otherwise. I mean, we all know how much it sucks when the one person you wanted to watch your story doesn’t watch it. But tbh I knew what his story contained since you can see in the little preview circle, and it was a picture of his Macbook and whatever shit series he was watching. I wouldn’t have replied even if I had have watched it. He needs to do better. 

So, did he delete it because I hadn’t watched it? Well, whether this was the case or not, it still looks stupid. If you’ve had something up on social media for more than 10 hours and suddenly decide it’s shit or cringe, you can’t just remove it, you must stand by it! Remember what was going on in your head when you posted it, and believe that your 10-hour-ago-self was correct to do so.

Otherwise you look ridiculous, or you make someone like myself assume the post was for my benefit.

Then I was happy for the rest of the day. Which is not what he would have wanted at all.