What’s the point?

A visitor was unsure of the point of this blog (question is here). We had a few points actually, so we thought we’d make it into a post. Thanks for the 5am question ‘anonymous’. Here is your answer:

Question: Stumbled over this blog. Trying hard to understand. What is the point?

Finally! We’ve been waiting for you, my dear. You ought to be more careful about where you stumble, is the first suggestion.

But then we come onto the indomitably well-structured question: “What is the point?”

Assuming for a second that the question is directed at the LostItGirl blog, and not for example, what is the point in life, in you carrying on doing your “job”, in marriage, in the current spate of false flag attacks, or in me checking into a hotel to avoid the building site I currently reside in, which all would’ve been equally pertinent enquiries, but assuming you’re questioning the blog; here’s the answer for you.

Why do people start blogs?

In general people start blogs because they have something interesting to say, or they are qualified as a writer and wish to create a body of work, or a ‘portfolio’ that may help them to find employment in the future. Then you have fashion bloggers who like to share what they are wearing and style tips etc. for those interested in fashion.

Hmm not too sure, can I get back to you on that?

Hmm not too sure, can I get back to you on that?

Instead of fashion, you could swap that word for pretty much any hobby or past time and generally there is an audience interested in it. Woe betide me to claim I am any of the above, far from it. But I thought I would give it a crack because a few of my friends said I should , and wouldn’t you know it? It’s only gone and become bloody popular…

After we moved our site across to a new host to allow us to speak as freely as we please (just 41 days ago), we started to keep an eye on the stats. Here they are for you:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 13.03.41

When you come back to read this retort, you may well become the 100,000th view in 41 days. And for that, we wholeheartedly give our thanks to you.

Sponsorship Opportunities

So the point for us now is to keep doing what we are doing, and to decline the approaches we have had for sponsorship until someone really big comes along. For example, if the current traffic continues we may have 1 million impressions within a year and then maybe, like with many popular bloggers, we can go out and approach businesses that have solutions or products that interest us, and make a deal for advertising on our site in return for something – like money for example, or products they sell, or y’know, drug paraphernalia, whatever they’ve got.

At the moment, I’ll settle for the free meals in restaurants, free nights out in clubs, and the free flight upgrades I get through it. That, my friend, is “the point”.

I need to stress that you’re probably not our core audience, you maybe wouldn’t get a blog of this nature, but most people like to see people enjoying life and causing no harm in doing it and just entertaining them. They tend to like that.

Mountain Boy

We have this guy called Mountain Boy who I’ve never met and who represents his country overseas in the military, but he enjoys it and often asks for advice, and I try to help him as best I can whilst also attempting to make it entertaining and funny for others. He’s thankful for my advice, it makes his day better, and as he serves his country in these torrid times, this gives me a lot of joy.

I talk about stupid things that happen to me to make people laugh and show them not to take yourself, or life, too seriously. I don’t expect everyone to get it. Gosh no, a bit like how I don’t really get food shows? But people seem to enjoy them, and that’s the main thing. Here at lostitgirl it’s how you read it and how good your imagination is that dictates whether you’ll actually enjoy it or not. But a lot of people tell me they do enjoy it, and that I made them laugh or smile, so that’s why we carry on.

Have Fun

But then that’s also the kind of person I am. For instance I went to a new dentist this morning, a simple task – just a check up. Me, the dentist and the assistant, who was this really sweet jolly woman; we were all in stitches laughing so much because I was making jokes and goofing around.


They were loving it. I was their first appointment of the day, I know they are now happy and in a good mood for the rest of their day. Making people smile and laugh is fun.

I recommend you start your own blog. As long as you know you can’t win ’em all, not everyone will like it. But I’m sure you’ll do a good job. Just remember, you can. Use. Commas. Sometimes. Too. Bye bye. XO