Winter knit

I think I could join Take That in this bit of knitwear, or any boy band actually. Come winter, they all tend to don a chunky knit and sing a sad song whilst kicking leaves as they go for a lonely walk, or consume a mulled wine looking sad and miserable while people are loving life in the back ground. Or even stand atop a mountain, quite gutted and considering a jump. Or stress-eating snow. Ok I made that one up, but something snow-based is sometimes involved.

Tell you what, add a coat like this and you’ve got yourself a hit video.

Chunky Knit1

I can put my hands in my coat pockets and let out a deep sigh as I reminisce over that past bone I was into and should of wifey’d but didn’t. Instead I fcked it up and now I’m gonna be lonely at Christmas and sing about it with my fellow boy band mates who quite bizarrely have also acted like total dicks and are full of regret for the one that got away.

It’s a Learning Curve

Let this be a lesson to us all. Don’t fck it up with that one person that actually pissed you off the least out of all the people you hung out with. In fact, call them right now and see if they’ll forgive you for being a dick and take you back. They probably won’t, but give it a go. You never know. And if you’re fckin someone around right now – don’t. Stop. Stop doing that. Well unless you have a really good “chunky knit” selection, in which case fck it, crack on.

I’ve just made the perfect outfit for a music video to an imaginary song that’s probably shit to an imaginary boy band I was in despite the fact I’m a girl but I’ll probably get an imaginary Christmas number 1 and a sponsorship deal with Marks & Spencer. So, yeah….

That’s how a LostItGirl rolls I guess.

Ok then, bye bye.